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Chitchat with Ram Gopal Varma
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Ram Gopal Varma is in town to meet press regarding his latest film Sarkar that is releasing on 1st July 2005. He is accompanied by Abhishek Bachchan. Here is the chitchat -

30th June 2005

Is it true that Sarkar draws inspiration from both Godfather film and Bal Thakare's personal life?

What is the name of Amitab Bachchan in this film?

Nagare sounds like Thakare. Is that resemblance a deliberate one?

What is the reason for previewing Sarkar to Bal Thakare? What would you have done if he had suggested any cuts?
I previewed it to Bal Thakare because he is one of the prominent personalities of Mumbai. There is no question of his objecting any scenes in Sarkar, as there are no controversial scenes in Sarkar.

Has he objected the idea of Amitab's character being inspired by Thakare's real life?
Before joining ruling Government, Bal Thakare used to influence the entire state in a big way as individual. That is the sort of power he yielded. We have taken that as an inspiration to Amitab's character in Sarkar.

You quoted that Abhishek Bachchan has performed better than Amitab in Sarkar film. Is it true?
Yes. Amitab Bachchan is a legend. And performing effortlessly in front of him is a great achievement.

What is the statement of Sarkar film?
There are no rights or no wrongs. There is only power.

Who is the item girl for Sarkar film?
There is no song. There is no item girl. Sarkar is a song-less film.

You seem to have repeated Govinda Govinda background track from Govinda Govinda film?
Yes. Govinda track in Govinda Govinda denotes Tirupati. Govinda track in Sarkar denotes Lord Krishna.

Is there any message in Sarkar for the society?
If I had to give message, I would send emails. Why should I make a film for that!!

How different is Sarkar film compared to your earlier films of this genre?
In my earlier films, hero character used to be orphan. But in this film there is a family for hero character.

Are you anticipating any cuts after films release due to controversies?
The censor board passed the film without a single cut.

What is the reason for taking Godfather as inspiration?
Godfather has inspired many films worldwide. I would not have made this film if Godfather were not there. The same theme of Godfather could be applied to kings, politics and industrialists in movie scripts. I am applying it to politics in Sarkar film.

Are you making a Telugu film with Ravi Teja as hero?
Yes. It is titled as 'Shock'.

Will you do more Telugu films?
I am open to the idea of making Telugu films. I am having plenty of stories. All I have to do is to find the right actor.

You made a gangster film titled D recently. Why are you making gangster flicks again?
I made Satya in 1999. I directed Company in 2001. I produced D in this year. Am I not having decent gap between releases of my gangster films?

You said that you would make a film against media? Will you show media in bad light?
Yes. Media is going to be the villain in that film.

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