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12th November 2002
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Do we know about our mother?

In the world of technical advancement and artificial life, Human relations have always become a question to the mankind, May it be in India or other part of the world.

From the evolution of a human being whether it is she or he, we come across many people in our life, but there are some people with whom we are bound together and feel free to express our feelings and desires. They may be our parents, our relatives or our friends.

In the world of artificial relations the existence of mother is always a gift to the mankind. It is a known fact, and a saying that "GOD CANNOT BE WITH US EVERY TIME SO HE CREATED A MOTHER".

Apart many difficulties she gives birth to us and sees us come up in life, but a question arises in our mind that "do we know about our mother?" it is just our innocence to say, "yes" because we do not know her better.

In our age when we do not know any thing about the world, She is the person who educates us, and in the youth even though she loves to be close to us, we divide with her, as it is common in that age. Friend's and freedom bound to create the distance between our mother and us. In mean time we give much importance to our education and career because it shows way to our existence and then comes age to get married. After marriage obviously we are busy with our life by fulfilling all the responsibility, which was bestowed on us.

Then where is the time for us to know about our mother? But the truth is that whether we may be in any part of the world always the thought of a mother will be with her child and will always remain in her thoughts, A mother is always a open book which we never tried to read. If we just have a glance of her life there are so many ups and downs that we do not dare to know.

From the time of existence of humanity, the world always suppressed the freedom of a mother. Even the epics also suppressed the values of a mother. Saying women to be bound to be under the vicinity of her husband after marriage and under her children in her old age. This may seem to look like feminism but truth always hurts us.

We do not care to think, "What our mother needs from us?" She just wants her children to be happy and enjoy their life. She wants her children to come up in life. Every mother wants to be proud of her children and will always be.

In our busy day-to-day life "do we ever think of our mother?" The answer may be "yes". But a mother never think her child to send any money or gifts to her, instead she want them let her know how happily they are living.

"So what can we do?" Our point is not to say that we do not care about our mother, but to think about the ways to make our mother happy. Our needs have taken us apart from our mother but a small phone call a hand written letter asking her where about, tender touch with a feeling that we are with her, spending some time with her can do wonders. Then we can see a glow in her eyes that we had never seen in our life. She will forget all the difficulties "she faced through out her life that had nothing to give her expect the pain she went through to raise us", so that we will be always be happy not knowing the meaning of difficulty.

Her blessings will be with us, which will give us strength to cross all the hurdles and achieve anything in our life.


P.Saumitri Phani Kumar
([email protected])

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