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Chitchat with AM Ratnam
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AM Ratnam is one of the most talented and successful producer in Telugu and Tamil with sizeable number of blockbusters in his kitty. He is currently producing 3 Telugu films - Bangaram with Pawan Kalyan, Muddula Koduku and another untitled film with his son Ravi Krishna. AM Ratnam is in city today to oversee the rerecording work of Muddula Koduku. Here are the excerpts of chitchat -

17th July 2005

Tell us about the hero character in Muddula Koduku?
Ravi Krishna plays a middle class boy next door called Venu. As the title suggest, Muddula Koduku is the relationship between mother and son. Like 7GBC, the last half an hour of this film too is very emotional and it would make you cry. Ravi Krishna has given very subtle performance in those last 30 minutes. Unlike 7GBC, a couple of songs in this film are duet songs shot in abroad.

Tell us about the progress of Bangaram?
The schedule would start on 19th of this month in Tamilnadu and the shooting would continue at a stretch till the completion of film at various locations. After Tamilnadu shooting, we would shoot in Hyderabad for 60 days and in Araku for 10 days.

We do not need to go for abroad for songs shoot, as all the songs in this film are situational. National award winning music director Vidya Sagar has already recorded 2 extraordinary songs so far. There would be two heroines in this film. Meera Chopra is doing the female lead. We are yet to identify the right actress for the role of another heroine. This film is a commercial entertainer that would have all the ingredients we expect from Pawan Kalyan's film.

Dharani is one director who goes into minute details while working on the script. We employed many people and coordinated among the offices situated in various places to work over the script. We have the perfect script with minute details ready. We used to do such kind of meticulous script work for Shankar's films earlier.

On the commercial aspect, Bangaram would become such a big hit that it would continue playing in theaters.

Why did you prefer soft title like Muddula Koduku and Bangaram for your films?
We titled the films as per the demand of script. These titles might appear soft for you now. But after watching the film, you would realize how apt they are. We started the Pawan Kalyan's film Kushi with the title 'Cheppalani Vundi' in Telugu and 'Muttum' in Tamil. Muttum means kiss. Director Surya wanted Muttum title and I wanted to change it. Somehow the word Kushi stuck with us. Kushi means happiness. Kushi is not even Indian word. It is basically a Persian word that penetrated into all Indian languages. The people who questioned about the title Kushi before release got convinced after watching the film.

Let me tell you another incident. T Krishna wanted to name his Pratighatana film as Goonda Rajyam. But Ramoji Rao wanted it as Pratighatana as it's apt for story. After the release of film, everybody accepted that Pratighatana is the right title.

You seem to be getting the best out of Vidya Sagar all the time?
I produced 3 films - Run, Dhool & Gilli - with Vidya Sagar's music in Tamil and all these films were blockbusters. Five Star music also arranged a special function and felicitated him for providing chartbuster music. Likewise, Bangaram music would also be extraordinary.

Ravi Krishna seems to be sticking to the roles of boy-next-door characters?
He would be doing such kinds of roles for the first 5-6 films. Later on, he would be doing powerful roles.

When are you planning to release Muddula Koduku?
Currently dubbing and rerecording of the film is going on. We are planning to release Muddula Koduku simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil on 12th August 2005.

What about Ravi Krishna's film in the direction of Jyothi Krishna?
Shooting of this film is currently going on. We decided title for Tamil version as Kallan with the tagline 'Romantic Thief'. Kallam means thief in Tamil. In Telugu we have not decided on the title yet. Khareedu (value of love), Mayagadu and Kithabu are the titles under consideration for this film.

When are you planning to direct a film?
Right now, I am very busy as producer.

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