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Open Letter to Krishna Vamsi
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30th November 2002
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Open Letter to Krishna Vamsi

Dear Mr. KV,

My aim is to become a film director and do you know who is the inspiration behind this? Its the directors like Manirathnam, Ramu and to some extent you. You are the only director I admire the most in the Telugu film industry. And I waited so eagerly for your film "Khadgam". Taking a movie about the terrorism existing is not an easy task Mr. KV garu. It requires a lot of research to make sure that what you r showing is real. Lets take "Roja" for example by Manirathnam. It had its base on terrorism but it also showed the reason why they were fighting and why they came towards the terrorism. And Mani Ratnam's Mumbai also had a pretty good balance.

Mr. KV, in your film "Khadgam", I think you had shown only the sharpness of one edge of the sword and didn't even turn the edge on the other side. To be stated as a saying in telugu - "Meeeru khadgam ki oka vayipu padhunu maathrame choopinchaaaru. Avathali vayipu choopiyyaledhu" I stated this dialogue in order to say that in your film you just showed that extremism lied only in the Islam but what about the Hindu extremism? What about the V.H.P? What about the Shivsainiks? So are they all the patriotic ones in your view? You showed every thing about the extremism in Islam but wat about the extremism in Hinduism. Are not you aware what happened in Gujarat? So are not they terrorists? Were you not aware of the Babri Masjid issue? Were all they patriotic, secular and democratic guys who demolished the Masjid? And in a dialogue in your film it says that the Hindus are waiting patiently for the verdict of the Supreme Court. Mr. KV I think you don't really have the habit of reading the newspaper, because if you had gone through the paper you would have known what really happened. And through the dialogues of Srikanth, you made every one feel that each and every Hindu feels the same for the Muslims. And finally Mr. KV, I am feeling very sad with your anti Pakisthan stand. How stupid were your dialogues in the film? They were the most immature ones. You know it's the Pakistan's rule thats a bad one. But not the people residing there. It's the Pakistan's leadership that's bad, but not the people residing there. "Desham ante matti kaadhu desham ante manushulu" ani meeku gurthu chheyalsi vasthundhani anukoledhu. Who said if a country's Government encourages terrorism then the people of the country become bad ones? And always try to learn to love people...

Lets just take an example in India is it the decision of people or the Government that rules country. Its the same in Pak even its not the people who are bad but the Govt. So please try to change your stand. And coming to Bin Laden, you have shown him as the terrorist, but why don't you show America as the terrorist? Are you aware of its harassment carried on the Palestinians? Try to watch the BBC on TV and you will know more about it. By stating it I am not saying that Bin Laden is a good one any one who tries to rule the other is a bad person. So I just want to tell you to just go through the subject to know the truth. I think you were feeling as if you did a great deal by taking such film. But so you know some thing? As the film was being screened every time there was "alla hu akbar", then there were our own Hindu guys who were shouting out aloud "ayidhu paisala rubber". So finally I don't think it's so good to touch such sensitive subjects like religion. And you really failed as Muslims look more suspected after your film.

Cinema is the most powerful media. Please don't try to experiment sensitive subjects on it. And if you are experimenting make sure that every frame you show is a real one. KV gaaru, I don't know you got into these stupid shoes. Please try to bring back your magic of showing the telugistic look and ambience! .. and pachhani polalu..


oka cinema pichhodu

([email protected])

Click here for the response by Kalyan

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