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Jaya - journalist and the woman behind the success of Superhit Film Magazine - made a successful debut with Chantigadu film. Her second film Premikulu is releasing on 4th August. has met with Jaya in her new office to have chitchat about Premikulu. Here are the excerpts -

2nd August 2005

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Your film Premikulu is releasing day after tomorrow (4th August). Are you feeling tensed?
No. Not at all! We have been in the film industry over a decade and know how it works. We do all the groundwork so that there would not be any problems or tensions in the last minute.

In the last interview, you mentioned that you would make an English film. What happened to that?
That project is still on. That film would go to floors in the month of October 2005.

What happened to your film that was supposed to be produced by Anil on Sri Creations in the supervision of K Raghavendra Rao?
We had everything ready. But I observed that audience are refusing films very bluntly even if they were average ones. Producer did not seem to be happy with the way script turned out. I also agreed with him as that script did not have anything exceptional that holds the attention of audience. Why should I risk producer money by attempting such a script? We decided to cordially shelve the project.

How did Premikulu film happen?
I worked on various storylines after the release of Chantigadu film. I prepared a bound script for a film with dialogue version. But I kept it aside. Prem Kumar (producer of Aa Naluguru) was ready to produce that script as film. But I was not sure. Later on he made Kannada remake of Abhinandana film which did not do well. Suddenly a story idea stuck me when I was walking in KBR Park. I narrated it to BA Raju and he was thrilled. Then we narrated it to the staff and everybody liked it. We got the confidence to go ahead and launch the film.

How did you finalize the cast of the film?
I selected heroine kamna Jetmalani an year before the starting of the film. I decided to cast her as heroine whichever the film I would be doing. The subject of the film is of city backdrop (Hyderabad and Vizag). The young guys now a days have stylish yet delicate look. Hence I wanted to cast somebody who is not rugged, yet stylish. Yuvaraj is the perfect fit for that character.

Most of the directors come up with the tunes instead of music directors. What is your contribution to Premikulu music?
I always make sure that the songs in my films mingle with the narration of film. I give the mood, lyrics and tune to the music director and he prepares BGMs and orchestration. Madhav has done the first song and title track on his own. I contributed to the remaining 4 songs.

The song sung by Bombay Jayasree is good. How did you get her sing so differently?
She sang all her songs in low pitch so far. She does not do high pitch because it affects the longevity of her voice. But somehow I convinced her to do this song in high pitch. That is why this song sounds very different from the earlier songs of Bombay Jayasree.

What is the reason behind taking woman cinematographer Vijaya Sri?
I took her because she is also a woman. She is talented and did very well for Subbu film. She gave a commendable output for Premikulu. We used different lighting schemes for this film by using par lights which are available only with Ramoji Film City's outdoor unit in Hyderabad.

Your earlier film Chantigadu was also a love story. How different is Premikulu from Chantigadu?
In Chantigadu mother sentiment dominated and controlled the love between the lead pair. But, Premikulu is an out and out love story from start to finish.

Caption of Premikulu says 'They don't know each other' and the photographs show the lead pair together in most of the shots. How is the title justified?
You would realize it when you watch the film.

When women achieve sometthing, they would get more publicity and appreciation compared to men in the same field. Don't you think you are getting too much of media attention because you are woman?
No. The media is giving more attention and publicity to my films because I came from journalistic background. It was my fellow media people who want me to get more pie in publicity. In the past, lady directors like Jeevitha, Manjula Naidu and Suchitra Chandra Bose directed a film each. But none of them could not succeed. If a lady directors direct a film, audience have misconception that they make boring flicks. I will have that disadvantage when my film get released.

Have you seen the final version of Premikulu?

Now forget that you are the director. Think from journalist point of view. Write a brief observation/review on this film?
Premikulu is a thrilling entertainer that guarantees you the value for your money. The film sounds routine/mediocre in the first 3-4 reels. The tempo starts in the 5th reel and the interval shocks you. The guessing game begins in the second half. Climax of the film is beautiful.

Among the artists, Kamna Jetmalani is extraordinary. Among the technical departments rerecording by Sajan Madhav and camerawork by Vijaya Sri are the best.

What was the target market for Chantigadu and what is it going to be for Premikulu?
Chanti Gadu is a village based love story. It was a big success in B and C centers. It was an average flick in A centers.

Premikulu is a youth based subject and has lot to offer to the urbane audiences and youth.

What about the budgets of Chantigadu and Premikulu?
Chantigadu cost us around 1.5 crores including print and publicity cost. Premikulu is costing around 2 crores with print and publicity. This film is releasing with 35 prints.

BA Raju is known for promoting films heavily and making them hits? Do you have any special promotion for this film?
Every couple has got a few unfulfilled tiny wishes (chinni aasalu). Those wishes remain unfulfilled for decades. We would run a contest on Gemini TV in which if the audiences write those wishes, we would fulfill those wishes for the lucky winners. We are having this wishes concept because it is related the storyline and the film.

There are certain storylines which need 1 and half hour duration of film to workout. Those kinds of storylines are failing here because the director had to insert unnecessary scenes to make it 2 hour plus film. What is your opinion on it?
I do agree with it. But our censor board considers any film that has atleast 13 reels as feature film. The tax benefits would be enjoyed by feature films only. If we make a film with less than 13 reels, then the producer would end up paying more in terms of entertainment tax. That is the reason why we do not get shorted films in Telugu commercial releases.

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