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Prabhas is one of the best good looking young heroes we have in Telugu film industry. The sensational success of Varsham took Prabhas's following to a higher level. His first out and out mass film Chatrapati is all set to release on 28th of September. Prabhas is currently shooting for Pournami in Annapurna studios for a scene in the combination of Charmme and Rahul Dev. Prabhas is an actor with no airs and no pretentious outlook. met with Prabhas for a brief chitchat on Chatrapati film at the sets of Pournami. Here are the excerpts -

24th September 2005

Tell us about your character in Chatrapati?
My caracter's name is Sivaji, who is very much attached to his mother. He loves his mother more than anything. There is also mass aspect to the character. It would be better if you see it on the screen than me telling about it.

Who is the target audience for Chatrapati?
All the films I have done so far have certain set of target audience. Varsham had youth and family crowds. Adavi Ramudu was meant for B and C centers. Chatrapati is my first film that caters to all the segments of audience and to all the centers. This film scores both on class and mass orientation. Chatrapati is for everybody.

What is your favorite song in this film?
I loved ABCD song because it is choreographed by Lawrence master. He composed steps for Nachave Nizam pori in Varsham. I have been asking him to choreograph this song for the past four months and he recently accepted to do it. All the songs in this film have different flavors.

Tell us about Chatrapati team?
I think Rajamouli is too brilliant and too mature for his age as director. He is a genius at work. Actress Shriya is very cooperative and is one of the best actresses I have worked with so far. Producer Prasad is more like a friend to all of us.

Have you seen the final version of Chatrapati?
No. I don't want to watch it before release. I want to watch Chatrapati along with audience after the film's release.

What are the highlights of the film?
Chatrapati boasts of a great technical work - be it Rajamouli's taking, Peter Hynes fights, MM Keeravani's music and rerecording or photography by Senthil. You have to watch the film to know about other highlights.

What does this film offer to your fans?
I worked hard for all my films. For this film too I worked really hard. They should watch the film and let me know the feedback.

Which film made you get strained the most?
I worked equally hard for all my films. But Chatrapati demanded more of my energies when I shot for 4 fights and a mass song in continuous schedules. I got stressed out during that period.

Did you watch any Telugu films recently?
Chandramukhi and Aparichitudu were the last two good films I watched. Aparichitudu was the last film I watched.

You were launched as son of Krishnam Raju. Do you think you have come out of the shadows of Krishnam Raju?
No. I would love to be in the shadows of Krisham Raju forever.

What do you this is your best shot as actor in the films you acted so far?
I am never satisfied with the work I have done. I am just 6 films old. I want to do more films with performance orientation.

You want to say anything to visitors?
Please watch my films. I am trying my level best to entertain. I will launch my personal website very soon. Please send your honest and frank opinion about my films.

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