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Open Letter to Indians
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20th December 2002
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Open Letter to Indians

Stop hate….Please!

1. Some Muslims in India celebrate Pakistan's win in a cricket match over India by distributing sweets. Outrageous…. How can any one do this???
2. Some Muslims in India do not like to sing Vandemataram and Janaganamana treating it un-Islamic. Outrageous…. How can one behave like this???
3. Some Muslims in India support Bin Laden when he has already declared India as enemy. Outrageous…. How can any one do this???

The proofs for such incidents are well formulated by many. Because we are convinced that this behavior is outrageous and since we don't have a clue why these people are doing like this, we try to seek answers by addressing the same to "Indian Muslims". So, there goes a barrage of Open letters seeking immediate answers. I don't know what makes someone believe that a Muslim would be in a better position of providing answers!…..Is it because he is a Muslim?

If it is expected to be so, then being followers of Hinduism, we should also be in a position of answering questions like -

1. Why some Hindus believe that life of a cow is holier than life of 4 fellow human beings???
2. Why some Hindus hooligan around cities on Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve etc… beating up young girls and boys partying???
3. Why do some Hindus give some outrageous statements (Tagodia et al.) in the name of religion???

One may think that Apples & Oranges are being compared here. No, the underlying issue is the same. Just by being a Muslim or a Hindu one cannot be in a position to answer these questions or to justify such behavior. Bottom line is…. People perpetrating these acts are fanatics/traitors. Period. They don't have any religion. They only use the religion to play around with the sentiments of the people so that they can implement their hidden agendas.

During all this, we conveniently tend to forget the majority (a sizable one too) of Indian Muslims who echoed Vandemaataram during the freedom struggle and who continue to do it even today (remember the new version of Vandemaataram!) with the same fervor. These Muslims of our country are as patriotic as you and me, if not more.

So, Generalization of an entire community based on the behavior of a few is the biggest mistake one can make.

The Oxford dictionary of English defines 'Patriotism' as "Love of or zealous devotion to one's country". I don't think the more I hate all the people of Pakistan the more I am considered patriotic. Patriotism should be a measure dependent on how much we love our country and how much we serve the good cause of our motherland instead on how much we hate the people of Pakistan.

If I fill a dialogue with all filth but ultimately direct it towards the people of Pakistan, will it be instantly transformed into a patriotic dialogue?!. Filth is Filth…right?

I don't care the reason why the Government took the decision of cutting the scene involving usage of filth in the movie Khadgam. In the first place, the censor board should have done this prior the release. Instead, there goes a board official taking objection with the Govt. cutting the scene with out his permission!!!

I have talked to people from Pakistan who sincerely believe that what their Govt. is doing in India is very bad. But they feel as helpless as you and me in changing the state's policy. Understand that it takes a lot of morality for these people to talk about the truth even though if it is against their patriotism. These are not "Pakistani [email protected]!#$%^#lu"….. as mentioned in Khadgam ??!

Political parties want to stir up hate in order to get votes and to mislead people so that they will not be asked questions about their failure in governing properly. Musharaff wants to keep the hate going in his country so that his seat is safe and along with his ISI can continue creating mayhem next door. Movie directors and dialogue writers want to play with the sentiments of the people because that is an easy way to fill their pockets. But, why are we falling to these traps?

Guys, Stop 'generalized hate'….Stop hate…..Please!

Having said that, I also have a passionate plea (not questions) to all the Indian Muslims. You need to be more vocal in displaying your patriotism. Yes, this statement of mine is outrageous. If someone asks me for proof of my patriotism, I will nearly slap him. But after all, you need to understand that all the havoc created in our country is carried out in the name of Islam. A common man (which also includes Hindu non- fanatic, middle class, educated) is utterly confused. You will find this confusion and a feeling of mistrust justified if you look around what's happening daily.

I am not suggesting any big things to be done by you. They are simple. Let me give one example - You can unite and talk to the head of the mosque you attend. The next time anyone like Bin Laden issues a fatwa to destroy India, let there be a fatwa issued the very next day by all the mosques in India asking Indian Muslims to stand for the protection of our motherland. After this, Will anyone dare to think of attacking India on the name of religion?……Will anyone of us dare to question your patriotism???! Think over.

Anil kumar Nimmagadda
[email protected]

PS: While I am coming up with this, I came across an interesting article. I hope by now you too read this article, it has experts from a book written by Dr. Rafiq Zakaria.
Another example illustrating the ills of generalized hate.

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