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Openletter to Phani and Anil from Khaled Mohammed
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1st January 2003
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Openletter to Phani and Anil from Khaled Mohammed

Hi there,

I must admit Anil has made some accurate observations, and his advise to Indian muslims to be more "VOCAL" in displaying patriotism can not be ignored. It is strange but true that we are living in a time where perception is more important than facts. It seems it does not matter anymore, if I prays privately for the safety of our jawans during Kargil, unless I do something spectacular to send out a message of patriotism.

Anyone quietly feeling proud about our nuclear bomb capabilities is not Indian anymore unless he shouts standing over a rooftop.

The problem the muslim community in India facing today is lack of "intelligentsia" to counter the lies and myths floated by the Togadias and Modis. A recent survey showed that the Indian muslims are slightly higher than the dalits in terms of social status. They are disillusioned by their leaders (there are hardly any), battered by the social evils and poverty, and hence this passive attitude.

They must shed this passive attitude and come out.

I have NO problems in agreeing with Mr. Phani's views about the "PARTYING", but just a little perplexed, how can one cherish democratic values and at the same time support hooliganism? I wonder.

Mr. Phani questions, "why shouldn't we generalize if the entire terrorist list just consists of Muslims". Yes, as long as his list does not include LTTE (Hindus)in Srilanka, BODOS (Hindus) in Assam, PWG naxals, Nagas (christians) fighting in Nagaland, SLA (Christians) in Sudan, Christians in Spain, IRA (Christians) in Ireland, and various other cults in America, like the one involved in Oklahoma bombings and recent nerve gas scare in US.

Mr. Phani does not see anything wrong in giving outrageous statements (Tagodia et al.) and his justification for this is that he belongs to majority community and hence entitled for such actions. Indirectly, is he suggesting that the Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh are entitled to give similar statements regarding Hinduism. I pray that his common sense prevails.

Mr. Phani does not mind if 4 fellow human beings (dalits) are butchered because it happens just once in a while. To him a cow is always holier than 4 human lives all the time except on few occasions.

Of late, there was a lot of hue and cry about madrasas. Advani, West Bengal CM, Rajnath singh, after American Center incident, SIMI in UP all blamed Madrasas. Now that they caught the American Center accused, can any one ask the govt. which madrasa the accused attended? May I know how many "terrorists" caught are from SIMI. Advani is Home minister now, who is preventing him from flushing out "terrorists" from the madrasas. Who is preventing the Govt. from bring a white paper on madrasas? I am an old fashioned man, unless proof is produced, I consider these as blatant lies. I am sure you'll agree with me.

Finally, Kashmir is not a religious issue, it is a political issue. I understand how difficult it is for Mr. Phani to see this fact. But let me help you by giving some figures: 90% of innocent people getting killed in Kashmir are muslims. Kashmir stayed with India not because Togodias or Modis wanted it to be but because the majority of Kashmiri Muslims wanted so.

Regarding Vandemataram, not only muslims but many great leaders have objection to certain lines of the poem not the entire poem, lines where Durga pooja and pooja of motherland is mentioned. Where is the problem if muslims sing Saare Jahan se Accha Hidustan... instead of Vandemataram. Why one should consider one song more patriotic than the other. I hope you agree with me, Saare Jahan se Accha Hidustan... is better poetically.

Lastly, Pakistan is indeed our enemy militarily and happens to be a muslim state. "China is enemy NO. 1" in George Fernandes words, and happens to be a Buddisht state, but we don't hold buddishts of our country accountable for China's actions towards India. Likewise, don't hold any Indian muslim accountable for whatever Pakistan is doing to India. Don't fall in the trap of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal.

[email protected]

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