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Openletter to Khaled Mohammed from Kiran
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3rd January 2003
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Openletter to Khaled Mohammed from Kiran

Hi Mr.Khaled,

"If I pray privately for safety of our jawans in Kargil, unless I do something spectacular to send out a message of patriotism." I like the way you said . You are rite; nobody has to express their feeling publicly. I have a quick question, then how come if People get killed in Afghanistan or Palestine, Muslim brothers in India do come out and show their support to their muslim brothers in Palestine and Afghanistan. But, if Indians get killed by Pakistani Terrorists in Kashmir, how come our Muslim brothers don't show their support to their Indian brothers and sisters who got killed.

May be they are supporting privately without coming out on to the streets?

Let me give you a better example, When USA was bombing Afghanistan, Imaam Bukhari(I think he is religious head in some Delhi Mosque. Correct me if I am wrong), gave a call to all the Muslims in India that they should support Muslims in Afghanistan and Americans are their enemies. How come he never gave a statement publicly to support the Hindus and Muslims living in Kashmir and Pakistan as our enemy??? May be he is doing it privately and quietly??

When Bin Laden openly declared India as the enemy, why you guys didn't come out on to the streets and gave slogans against OSAMA? Oh, may be you people are doing it privately and quietly

When Khadgam was released, why did some people took out processions in the streets and asked to take out some scenes from the movie?i didn't see the movie yet.this is just based on the reviews. No review said that the movie criticized Indian muslims. What's wrong in the movie? Is it wrong to criticize Pakistan and Pakistani Muslims? Or is it wrong to show the reality , that's happening in INDIA.- You guys don't realize that Pakistan supports terrorism and it's been supporting for almost 13 years and still going on? How was Kashmir before 1987 and how is it now? There are some people in India who supports Pakistan, this is the truth.

Let me tell you about some Muslims in India, specially in Hyderabad. When Azharuddin was playing cricket and if the match was against Pakistan, some of the Muslim brothers say this : Azhar Bhai century maarna, India haarjaana". So tell me when someone behaves like this , what you guys expect from us, to hate or to love? Don't tell me that this is a made up story. This is real. To be honest with you, hatred ness towards Muslim community is increasing every day and do you have any answer , why is this happening. And now please don't say not to fall into trap of RSS, Bajrandal or VHP. Then how come you guys fall into trap of your so called Mullah(head of a Mosque, correct me if I am wrong). Majority of muslims just listen to those mullas or Clerics who live in their own world. You guys don't even think if its rite or wrong . What ever the mulla says is rite.

Show me instances where Hindus were aggressive. When ever the riots took place, it was Muslims who started first not Hindus. Do you agree?

You said : A recent survey showed that the Indian Muslims are slightly higher than the dalits in terms of social status ? Where did you get this from? Can you please tell me which survey is that?

Can you explain me what is Social Status? Do you know that President of India is a Muslim. I feel proud that India got a great President Sir Abdul Kalaam, father of our Nuclear Missile program. Do you know that our Indian circket captain was a Muslim? Can you show me a Hindu Becoming a President in Pakistan? Or a Hindu leading the Pakistan Cricket Team? Can you show me one Muslim Country where they have Democracy except India? Do you think if you go to some Arab countries, do you get the same rights as you get in INDIA.

Why do you guys live in your own World. Try to come out of your world and join the mainstream.

Let me give you one more example which happened recently in Hyderabad. When there was a bomb explosion at Saibaba(FYI :shiridi Saibaba is a Muslim) temple in Hyderabad, and after couple of days police had shot down 2 terrorists and the next moment, our Muslim brothers took out processions on the streets that the police shouldn't have done that. Do you have any answer for this? Why do you guys take out processions all the time for no reason?

Before you call yourself Indian muslim, try to call urself an Indian first and then comes religion. First try to be Humanbeings(this is for everyone), then be Indians, then comes religion, rite.

Lets talk about Madrasas....what exactly do they teach in Madrasas, just to read Quran or anything else, I really don't know what else they teach, please let me know if they teach anything else. Once I was watching BBC and they were showing Madrasas in Pakistan. You know what they teach in Pakistan, reading Quran all day and "Hate India".

There was one article in Deccan chronicle (one year back), which has a photograph of small kids between 7 and 17 carrying out toy guns and banners, you know what is written on the banner, "JIHAD AGAINST INDIA". And they were taking out a procession and you know where was the procession , it was in hyderabad,India and the police were watching helpless as they cant laticharge or arrest those kids. I don't blame those kids as they know nothing, there should be someone behind this, rite, the kids cant take a procession by their own. When I saw that picture, can you imagine how my feelings would be. People taking out processions in my own country and calling out jihad against INDIA. I wish I had saved the picture to post it here, but unfortunately I didn't.

You know what is the basic problem, lack of Education. Rite. But unfortunately even some educated are supporting Terrorists. Best example, recent death penalties for one of the professor in delhi who was arrested for supporting the Pakistani terrorists(those who attacked the Parliament).

You guys call December 6th as the black day, something like that, then how many black days should Hindus have. Do you have any idea how many Hindu temples were bought down?

Regarding your statement about Kashmir: you said it's a political Issue? Can you tell me what exactly you meant by that? Are you trying to say that the Terrorists who are fighting in Kashmir are doing it for political cause? if this is your way of body can help you Mr.Khaled.

Regarding your statement about Vandemataram: can you tell me who are those great leaders who have objection to the few lines of poem, I am just curious to know. Vandemataram was sung by all the leaders during freedom struggle then why you guys have problem. Give respect to the Anthem.

This is never ending Mr.Khaled..... And Please don't take me wrong and don't think that I hate muslims, no I don't, I just want to live in PEACE and want to see INDIA as a developed and Strong country.

Before I end this, let me say something: Everyone in this World want to live in PEACE. But to achieve that PEACE, every one has to contribute their Share. And please never feel that you guys are minority, but do feel that you are INDIANS.


[email protected]

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