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Srihari changed his strategy of selecting films. He is carefully choosing subjects with universal appeal by acting in both solo hero films and multistarrers. His latest film Mahanandi is going to release on 2nd of December 2005. met with Srihari at his office for chitchat about his latest films …

23rd November 2005

Tell us about 2nd December release Mahanandi?
Myself and Sumanth are donning the roles akin to Lord Siva and Nandi respectively. Sumanth is doing the role of my friend and protector. He is like my army in the film. This film also has Rayalaseema backdrop. My character runs away from Rayalaseema in the childhood. There is also an important episode that takes place in Mahanandi. Sumanth has performed exceedingly well. I was amazed by looking at his performance. Mahanandi is going to create history at box office.

What are the highlights of Mahanandi?

Story: The story of the film is based on friendship. It has a strong element of love. Though there is a villain in the film, a miscommunication between Sumanth and me plays more important role in the film than the villain.

Direction: Director Samudra has dealt the film with sensibility. He had put really good efforts.

Rerecording: Rerecording (RR) can give lots of impact to the right scene in any film. I told Kamalakar that Mahanandi is RR based subject and it would help both the film and him if he concentrates more on rerecording. The RR of this film is coming really good. Music of the film is also very good.

Dialogues: Swamy-Vijay contributed a lot for the script and dialogues departments. The dialogues in the film are going to elevate story.

Producers: To me, the heroes of this film are producers. The budget of this film was overshot by 2 crores. Producers of this film are from Karnataka. They kept their cool even when budget limits overshot and treated us very well. Their earlier Telugu film Subbu too was made on grand scale. Since producers are really good-hearted people, I hope that it would do good for the film's result as well.

You are playing brother character to Anushka in this film. How different is this brother character in this film compared to that of NVNV?
You got to watch the film to know the difference. I have come to a stage where I don't have to accept films just for the sake of money. I am doing the brother role in this film because I am extremely impressed.

There are rumors that your role in Mahanandi resembles a faction leader. Is it true?
I might have done certain roles like that in the beginning stage of my career. But now I am mature enough to discourage such efforts by storywriters. If we insert real politician's profiles in films with good story, it only does harm, as audiences tend to get distracted from the story.

You seem to have entered into new phase with NVNV film. There seem to be lots of change in the way you select the scripts?
I should thank MS Raju for this. My mindset and orientation towards selecting a story has changed from that moment. I started thinking big. There was lot of crudity and rustiness in my earlier films. There were lengthy dialogues. I did those films because it attracts the masses. But with NVNV I learnt that there is a big section of audience whom I lost because of the films I made earlier. I realized that certain section of people get hurt by watching crude scenes in films. Family crowds ensure longevity of the film as they enter into theaters in 4th week onwards and make the films run for 100 days if they like it.

What was your experience as producer in the past?
I did certain bad films in the past like Kubusam, Guri, Mass etc. Whenever my own production film was released, it was released after my bad films. Hence they did not get the openings they deserve. If a film is bad, the collections would drop from matinee onwards. But when Pruthvi Narayana (my home production) was released, even the morning on the release day was not full because prior to that I did bad films. People were upset with me at that time. I had to pay price for another home production film Seshadri Nayudu.

Tell us about your new film Hanumanthu?
The role in this film is the most challenging one in my career. Hanumanthu is a powerful title. The biggest hit in my career was Bhadrachalam. I want to beat Bhadrachalam with the good script of Hanumanthu. Hanumanthu is about how a man who is loyal to his village serve the problem it faces by coming to the city. This film would go to floors in a week.

Your last film Okkade did not have the long run it deserves. What do you think are the reasons?
AA Arts is my mother concern as it has introduced me as hero with 'Police' film. Okkade was the result of good efforts. This film is a low budget one like Police. After completion of the shooting of Okkade, the producer took two long months to get the first copy. I was not aware why he delayed it by such a long time. Okkade was released in bad season. It would have fared better if it were released a month earlier. Cricket matches and incessant rains became bottlenecks to the film. Even then, Okkade made profits to the buyers. It collected a share of around 66 lakhs in 3 weeks in Nizam alone. There was no good publicity for the film after release. It was left like orphan without any promotion.

Tell us about Magadheera film in which you are working with Kamal Hassan?
It is a great moment for me to working with my favorite actor Kamal Hassan. Part of the film is being shot in Hollywood. I am playing an important role in the film. I participated in 4 days of shoot so far. I am eagerly looking forward for Magadheera release.

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