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Openletter to Okkadu
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9th February 2003
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Openletter to Okkadu

At the outset let me thank MS Raju, Guna, Shekar.V.Joseph, for making an extraordinary movie with Our Mahesh, and presenting it to us in a fabulous manner. I am very very happy Mahesh.

I will not review the movie, but narrate my experiences from the day I have seen Okkadu snaps in Superhit along with Mahesh's interview on his B' day. The snap where Mahesh balances on his hand is awesome. That day I told my wife, a Pawan Kalyan fan that my Mahesh is going to do wonders with Okkadu.

Excitement mounted day by day, queried the regular theatres in Bangalore whether they are playing Okkadu on the release date, every one replied that they are playing Naga. Oops! I cannot even jump to Hindupur or Kolar, as I am married. Called my village near Nidadavole, west godavari, in the early hours of Sankranthi, and got to know the midnight/early hour show report. Thank god!!!! Its a resounding hit. I am in all smiles that day.

Every week, on thursday I am calling Majestic, MovieLand (Bangalore), to find the status of Okkadu release date in Bangalore. There is no positive response, to worsen it my friend who had seen the movie three times during Pongal season In Hyd, Satyam, boosted my excitement by explaining the crowd behavior while getting tickets, Mahesh Looks, chasing scenes, and PrakashRaj's I love you.

Last weekend, I am desperate. Its confirmed that movie is not coming to Bangalore. So, I and my friend started our journey towards MoolBagilu (Andhra/Karnataka border), on our splendor at 6.40 am. We picked one of our friend at Kolar Medical college on the way, who also raised my adrenaline by various explanations on the movie via phone, and watched the 9.30 am show!!!!!!!!!! God, I am very very Happy. I came out satisfied to the core, finding my way within the huge crowd waiting for 12.30 pm show.

Once again I thank MS Raju, Guna Sekhar and their team, for Showing our Mahesh in a majestic way.

K. Ravindranath,
Infosys, Bangalore

[email protected]

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