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KS Rama Rao is producing Chukkallo Chandrudu with NVNV hero Siddardha and three hot heroines. Siva Kumar (protégé of Mani Ratnam) makes his debut. Shooting of this film is completed and it would hit the marquee on 14th of January. Here is chitchat with producer KS Rama Rao -

13th December 2005

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What is the story point of Chukkallo Chandrudu?
A trendy NRI boy (Siddardha) comes to India in search of a life partner. In that process, he meets three girls (Sada, Charmme & Saloni). The rest of the story is all about who he marries.

What is the progress of this film?
With excellent planning and proper schedules, we could able to stick to the deadlines and completed the shoot with in the budget. Director Siva Kumar executed the film in timely fashion. The shooting of the film is completed by the afternoon of 12th December. Dubbing, rerecording and mixing is simultaneously going on.

Tell us about the work of protégés of Mani Ratnam (hero Siddardha and director Siva Kumar)?
There is tremendous understanding between these two youngsters. Siva Kumar brought new flavor, vibrant colors and brilliant music to Chukkallo Chandrudu. They also extracted trendy and fresh music from Chakri. There would be seven songs in Chukkallo Chandrudu. Hero Siddardha lent his voice for two songs. Chukkallo Chandrudu is going to be a youthful and trendy film.

How is it like working with ANR?
At the age of 84, ANR possess great energy and spirit. He inspired all the youngsters in the team with his work.

What about heroines and other technical aspects?
Sada, Charmme and Saloni are going enhance the glamour of the film with their glittering performances. Chakri is at his best in this film. This album is going to be Chakri's comeback album with both trendy and melodious music. Cinematographers Abhik Mukhopadyaya and Sameer Reddy did fabulous work by capturing vibrant colors.

How many days did you shoot the film in and what were the locations explored?
The total number of working days for this film is 75. Major part of this film was shot Hyderabad. We went to Austria to shoot a few songs and few scenes.

Siddardha made a splash with NVNV this year. How different is Chukkallo Chandrudu from NVNV?
The only similarity is the profile of hero character. Both these characters are of NRI. The entire second half in NVNV happens in rural atmosphere where as this film is completely shot in urban environment. Chukkallo Chandrudu is aimed at youth and family crowds.

When are you planning to release the audio and the film?
Maruthi music has bought the audio rights. We may release the audio on 20th of this film. We would definitely be releasing this film on 14th January as Sankranthi special.

There are many releases lined up for Sankranthi 2006. Don't you think it's risky?
I think Sankranthi festival can take many simultaneous blockbusters.

What about the business of this film. How would the new tax system affect this film?
I can say that business of the film is being done at a safe margin. With the new tax system I can see lots of profits in long run of the film compared to the earlier tax system. I am happy with it.

Are you launching any website for Creative Commercials banner?
Yes. We would be launching very soon!

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