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Openletter to Teja from Sharjah
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19th March 2003
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Openletter to Teja from Sharjah from Rama Rao's article on the website is wonderful with glittering photographs. I am writing this message to you from Sharjah, UAE. The show was very well organized and the organizers have informed to the Telugu people in UAE that it will be a commercial show with live performance by all the artists (many of them have not turned up for the show) including the Megastar Chiranjeevi apart from Jayam & Nijam celebrations. With this in mind many have thronged to the stadium buying the tickets which are priced exorbitantly.

Most of the audience constitutes the lower class people who work in UAE with meager earning keeping their families in India. When they were informed about their dream hero coming to their town and performing live in front of them, there were no limit for their joy. With this zeal and enthusiasm they have purchased the tickets in thousands. At last when they came to see the programme it turned out to be the Jayam & Nijam celebrations only and nothing else.

Telugu people in UAE are disappointed the way the programme turned out with Chiranjeevi's 10-15 minutes brief appearance and speech on the stage contrary to the claim/advertisement made the organizers prior to the show.

The celebrations of this sought should be thrown open to the public free of cost as is done in India. The organizers at least should contribute a part of their hand some income to the Indian/Telugu Association working for the cause of people in UAE or to the charitable trust in Andhra Pradesh. Hope this message shall be conveyed to the readers on and to the Jayam Unit.

Rama Rao K
[email protected]

Openletter to Teja from Sharjah from Mahesh

I came to know about the Nijam audio function, nearly one month before, through idlebrain only. I love Today I saw latest update with 48 photos. Great. Later I got the news locally also. They kept ticketing system for this audio and silver jubilee function.

May be, to control the crowd, it is required. The tickets are 25,50,100 Dirhams. Every body paid only to see MegaStar Chiranjeevi. In local newspapers, once we saw Chiru's photo at Dubai Airport, we confirmed his presence. They mentioned in that article, that Total 92 people came from Tollywood.

On 13th night 8.30, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium filled with Telugu people. I really surprised by seeing all of them at a time. But the Stage arrangements are not up to mark. They kept the Stage very far from the Gallery. From that gallery it is not visible at all. And more over there is no back screen in that stage that makes unclear. (Kuwait Stage is good compared to this). At least they would have kept some projection screens/TVs. Function started at 1hour late. The Dynamic Anchor Udaya Bhanu took the anchoring responsibility. Some times she suffered with Cough, may be because of whether change. There was an introduction of all the artists at first. Then some comics played by GowthamRaju, Rallapalli and Rupini. They didn't utilize Mr.Dharmavarapu and Mr HariKishan ( Navvite Navaratnalu) etc.... Mr.Chandu acted as Ms.Chandini and did a song from Devadas is good. They tried to create curiosity by telling megastar will come and join soooon. Mahesh Babu didn't mingle with his team well, may be because of his shy. Uday Kiran and Nitin proved they are the best students of their guru Teja. But Teja didn't take much part in this function. He felt bad because of lot of absentees from his team. At last the real Charishma Chiranjeevi came. Dubai and Sharjah people did a great welcome by standing from their places. His eyes said thanks to all. He gave a good speech about "HardWork". Later he gave shields for Jayam 175days. He also distributed Nijam audio cassettes to the team. Nitin requested him to do dance, but he simply rejected. There was lot of demand from the gallery also. We hope next time Chiru will come here for his movie function and will entertain with his great dancing movements.

Thanks to all the people who worked for this function. Mainly Mr. Rambabu & Co. Hope they will arrange lot of functions in future.

[email protected]

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