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Chitchat with Ramana Gogula
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This IIT graduate formed his own band at Vizag at the age of 17. Since then he traveled around the world as software professional and music creator. Venkatesh invited him to score music for Premante Idera. By scoring just 10 film albums Ramana Gogula gave new flavor to the Telugu film music. His latest album Lakshmi is doing extremely well at audio charts. met Ramana Gogula for chitchat. Here are the excerpts.

6th January 2006

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What made the Lakshmi songs click?
Nallamalupu Bujji approached me to give me the offer. I think it was Venkatesh’s decision to rope me in. VV Vinayak has got pretty good music sense. They did not put any pressure on me and gave complete freedom. I got lot of support from Venky and we all worked in a cordial environment.

How did the Lakshmi tunes evolve?
I am letting out a secret to you now. Generally, we give tunes to the situation in films. But for the first time, I got so much of freedom that I scored the songs first and then they customized the situations and themes to fit in these songs in Lakshmi. For example, there is no slot for Hey Satyabhama song in the film, so they created an appropriate one.

What is your contribution through Lakshmi album?
I introduced a male playback singer called Raju with ‘Tara Taluku Tara’ in Lakshmi. We arranged singing contest for Relax film and I promised that I would make the winner sing in my next film. Raju won the competition. I also introduced another singer Sudha with Hey Satyabhama song.

What kind of target listeners you have in mind while scoring music?
I never focus on various genres like class, mass, melody etc. I am given creative freedom all the time. For me there is nothing like a class song or a mass song. A song can only be classified as a good song or a bad song.

You entered film industry around 10 years back. But you scored music only for 10 film. Why is it so?
I don’t have the habit of approaching producers for music chances. I like to score for those who approach me. But I am happy that I accomplished so much with just 10 films.

What is your comment on invasion of global music channels like MTV and Channel V. How it affected the Indian public?
What I hate in these music channels is promotion of remix albums. I feel that there is absolutely no creativity in these remix videos. On the bright side, these music channels helped us in watching and listening to the music from other parts of the world.

Can you list down top songs in your film career?

1. Nalovunna Prema (Preminte Idera)
2. Traveling Soldier (Tammudu)
3. Bangalakhatam (Badri)
4. Manasemo (Yuvaraju)
5. Narazukaku (Johnny)
6. Pedavidatani Matokatundi (Tammudu)
7. Hey Cheli Manasulo (Relax)

Who are your favorite music directors?
Ilaya Raja, AR Rehman and SD Burman

What is your contribution towards lyrics in your albums?
When I compose tune, I use some sample lyrics on my own for humming. 90% of the times, my own words would be used in the first two lines of lyrics of my songs.

Are you doing any video albums?
I did a video song called ‘Neekevaru Lekunna’ for AP Government to create AIDS awareness. I composed that song, prepared storyboard and directed the visuals. This video would be telecasted from 14th January in all leading TV channels. Suddala Ashok Teja penned lyrics.

You are a very energetic performer on the stage. Do you have any plans to do stage shows?
Yeah. I am planning to do one in this summer.

Do you have any plans to direct films?
I have plans to direct films. Before that I want to establish as music director at National level.

What is your definition of music?
Music is the translation of beauty into sound.

What are your future commitments?
Pawan Kalyan’s Annavaram and Sivaji-Ankita combination film.

You are doing your fulltime in music. What happened your software company Liqwid Krystal?
I was balancing music and work earlier. Then I found that I should do music more as there is more fun in it. I am still the Chairman of Liqwid Krystal. I do still provide strategic guidance to the company.

Do you prefer your head tonsured all the time?
My wife loves me that way. I am doing this strictly for my wife!

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