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Openletter to Telugu film Industry
Telugu film screening in Jamaica
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31st March 2003
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Openletter to Telugu film industry
for Telugu film screening in Jamaica

I've been a Die Hard Fan of Telugu Movies, I am working as a Software Programmer in Kingston, Jamaica as we all know Jamaica is a Small Island but very Strong Carribean Island that has a Many World Famous Resorts with Beaches. Many Filmi Industry People might have not even known about Jamaica but Here I like to make a Point that there are many Indians here and Out of those Andhra People are Huge in Number Many are Doctors and there are Teachers and also Software Programmers as it happens always that Every Indian would know the Importance of India after Leaving the Country we'll have some common desires like Watching a Telugu Movies in a Theater as We all get some Popular Hindi Movies being Played. We always miss Telugu so What all of us do is just Order DVD's from Nearby US City and Watch them by circulating the DVD all over the island I was always Unhappy to watch telugu Movie in a Television as I like the Environment of Watching a Movie in Theater.

When I was in India every Friday With all my friends I used to go to a New Movie and We used to make a lot of fun If we don't get the Tickets we Used to try hard to get them in Black at any Cost as far as it is Reasonable to us if we don't we just go to a Irani Hotel have some Chit Chat and call the waiter and ask "Theen Chaay Laa" in a Typical Hyderabadi Style where I actually learnt Many things. We share the Irani Chaay and chit chat for some more time and If feel like eating something then we used to order " Are Chotu Ek Plate Osamania Biscut Laana" Or if a friend says "Nahi Re Ab Hum retaurant Jayenge then we used to go to Our Own Great "Bawarchi and Order a Family Pack and eat "Phet Bhar Ke" and now the time comes where we used get into the Cinema Sucessfully. Those were my days in Brief. I miss that kind of Punch in my Life these days. Suddenly a 20 days before (March 9th) we heard that some one is getting the Manmadhudu Box to Kingston, Jamaica and we have very good theaters and Usually we Have a Shopping Center called "Sovereign Center" Where there are Group theaters called " Palace Cine Plex.....since 1921" Usually ALL Indians do their shopping in the weekends in this place. I was the First one Who Jumped from my chair when I heard that we are going to watch a Telugu Movie for the First time in Jamaica. I have many Bachelor Friends Who were also very much Interested in Watching the Movie (Though they watched it on a DVD) At last today when we went to the Cinema There was a Good Turn out (As it is already watched movie and many Didn't show Interest as the story was revealed with all Jokes) There were around 150 People who turned up to watch the Movie, It served to purposes like 1. Get Together for all those New Guys who Came in and 2. Watching a Telugu Movie for the First time in Jamaica. I could feel the Indian Environment as there were some Whistles and also some Bursts of Laughs as Brahmanandham Enters the Scene.

It was a good experience and I hereby make a Request to the Entire Telugu Industry to Focus on this Beautiful Island which is nearby to North America and Has good resources and there are people who can serve for any Good Cause so I hope we all Look forward for something to Happen in Near Future, It may start with a Small Beginning which can Ignite the Spirits of all Others, All I wanna say Come on Just do it. My "Burgin" "Whag Waan" Come on We can do it.

I hope Jeevi can forward this to anyone He Likes to and I want this to come up on the Front Page of Idebrain and I don't mind if this need any Enhancements to be done, I just wrote it for Information.

Burgin = Brother
Whag Waan = Whats Going on

Naresh Guvva
[email protected]

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