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Chitchat with Dev Anand
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Legendary Hindi film actor Dev Anand is in Hyderabad to receive ANR Award. He visited Annapurna studios on the morning of 15th January and attended a press meet. Here are the excerpts of chitchat -

15th January 2006

What is your feeling after meeting ANR and visiting Annapurna studios?
I am getting further inspired by ANR. I saw his library and archives. His contribution to the film industry is huge. I envy ANR for his achievements. ANR’s son Nagarjuna could be an international star with the kind of looks he posses. The world is becoming small with globalization and latest technology. India is not far behind Hollywood now. Annaurna studio is a great studio.

Did you watch any of ANR’s films?
I watched few scenes of ANR’s films on TV. I met ANR for a brief time at a film related event in USA in 1964.

How do you feel about your career when you analyze it?
It feels really good. I came to Mumbai from Lahore in 1943 with Rs. 30/- in my pocket. I struggled hard for a couple of years. I got the break in 1945. It felt good when I visited Lahore along with Vajpayee in a bus few years ago. I possess a strong will power and I achieved everything alone. I strongly believe that one can achieve anything when one do it alone. I am spending all my money in films. I don’t have any money left for myself. I get lots of satisfaction from this creative work of filmmaking and acting. I am currently writing a book on my own experience. This book will be published by a famous American publisher.

Black dress on you seem to create ripples among girls in your primetime?
Wearing black dresses in films used to be of bad sentiment then. But I did a film titled ‘Kalapani’ where hero vows to wear only black dress till justice is made to his father who was falsely convicted. I wore black dress throughout that film. That dress became rage among the filmgoers and I have lots of girls following me whenever I wear black dress in public.

You always wear your trade mark cap. What is the reason?
I wore this type of cap in Baazi film and it became very popular. Since then this cap has become my companion. I devoted one chapter for this cap in my unpublished book.

What is your opinion on Madhu Bala?
She was young and pretty. She was also an ever smiling lady and a natural beauty. She doesn’t wear much make-up. She used to be bit whimsical. Her father used to chauffeur her all time.

Tell us about your association with Guru Dutt?
Guru Dutt is my best friend. We knew each other even before Guru Dutt became a director. We decided that we should support each other after one of us get a break. I produced a film titled Baazi by introducing Guru Dutt as the director. After that I acted as hero in CID produced by Guru Dutt. Then we got busy with our own work.

What is the difference you find between the old generation and the new generation of actors?
I think everybody is talented. Without talent, nobody becomes famous. I am not trying to be diplomatic. I am telling you the truth.

What are your future plans?
I registered my scripts with Directors Guild of America. My next script ‘Beauty Queen’ is ready.

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