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Response to Openletter by DPS
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12th April 2003
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Response to Openletter by DPS
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Mr.Durga Prasad,

May be you are of Indian Origin but you are no more an Indian and I know after reading your Open Letter Many of our Indians might have got their Hearts Broken as you've criticized not only Chiranjeevi but Indians in Total. Every Indian has a opinion of his own and you are no one to criticize their opinion as you are not Indian, You seem to be a guy flowing with too much Intelligence. You meant that Celebrities doesn't have any knowledge by saying this sentence in your Open Letter

"While you are free to express your ideas as a free citizen, as a celebrity you should have done more research, gathered more information about the dictators, freedom, America and exerted more social responsibility by thinking twice before writing such a letter"

You said that Chiranjeevi should have opposed the Second World War, Firstly Chiranjeevi was not even born and it shows your Awful thinking and it seems you don't have any Kind of Knowledge on the World's History as Second World War was fought to Eliminate the Invaders and it was supported by whole world against Countries but not against a Community or a Person. To catch a Person you don't need to scarify the lives of some 1000s of people. If at all saddam and his Govt is the Target why don't you just catch him, you boast of Hitech and sophisticated Technology that US has, Is it that Idiotic Technology which couldn't detect the Nuclear Tests that India Conducted? It came into light when India itself declared that We Conducted the Tests. Do you think that India is Stupid by not supporting US in War? Germany, France, China and all other significant countries were against war.

You say Thousands of Civilian Causalities as a Few, I don't know what number should be there for you to say Many? If you have read the Letter Correctly, Chiranjeevi never gave an Impression that he is Supporting Saddam and for your kind Information I am never supporting Saddam, Dictators are to be eliminated but there should be an Alternative way to do that. You say US is the Super Power and I am very much accepting that but for your Information there are two other Nations that are going to Replace US soon as a Super Power and those are Indian and China and they are going to replace US in a Convincing way, It may take some more time but it will be happening soon. You say that Indians have a Passion to Criticize US though it gives them food. Do you US pays for the lively hood of Indians? Indians work hard for their livelihood and they get paid for what they work and even they get paid less at times. Better do some research on how US gets all the finance for War. US never pays for War, all the countries that trade with US are paying what all it spends. Do you think US is that liberal that it can fight on its own economy for the cause of Humanity, If you have that thought please Wipe it off as it is Incorrect. I can send you some facts if you request me for those facts but they are also based some Surveys and I don't think you'd believe the Surveys. Being in US doesn't make you someone who can criticize Indians and their Sentiments, At any Means I don't want to consider you to be an Indian, If you cant enjoy the greatness of India and Indians the just stay calm as your letter Hurts many people who were against war considering the aftermath of war. Just be Practical don't be cinematic. You really sounded funny when you compared War with Chiranjeevi's Movies, How can you compare a Movie and War.

I hereby end my Letter to you and I request you to be sportive in receiving whatever you read in this letter and I also appeal to all the idle brain folks to not take it as a war in between us. I was just trying to make him realize that his letter would let down all those Who Opposed war and also the fans of Chiranjeevi.

Naresh. Guvva


Dear Durga Prasad.

You worte like "I am a physician of Indian origin, settled down in USA after working for 10 years in rural Africa". this is not the way to tell your self. What you have done in Rural africa. why are you staying in america. is this is for money or to buy lot of properties.

why dont you come back to india and serve the people. and you are criticizing chirnajeevi and talking about his work. he is doing lot of things like CCT..

his work is acting in movies, that is what he is doing. what you are doing just staying here and writing something about famous persons to get identity.

if you really care about what you are talking do some charities and talk man..grow up.why are you talking like doulbe standard guy. american govrnment also do the same they will encourage all the saddams and binladens once upon a time and now they are going against them. because now they realized about the truth.

about this war what is happend so far is ok. let the iraqies become free. let us pray god for thier good future.

I am asking this government do they do the same against pakistan to support us. why dont you ask about this. and write about. why do you criticize others.

if you do something for others then only criticise or talk about others..dont be double standard guy.

hello Idle brain guys dont write these type of letter.. over here and get reduce your reputation, think twice about these before writing.



Hi Durga prasad,

I am a software engineer settled down in USA for almost 6 years. The mail which you addressed to chirenjeevi looks funny to me, its look you want to gain Lime light by criticising the public figure.

I am surprised that before preaches some thing to others what research have You did on war. I still prove that 70% of the people around the world are against War. There is nothing wrong in expressing views against war and living in America and develop properties.

Here are some facts about superpower America:
President Bush Jr. recently stated his reasons for invading Iraq:

(1) Iraq used chemical and biological weapons
(2) Iraq tried to build nuclear weapons
(3) the US tried to bring Iraq into the "family of nations" (said first by Bush Sr.), and
(4) Iraq has a long history of lying to the world. The problem is the data not live up to the president's rhetoric claims.

1) FACT: US officials, including his Bush Sr. had no qualms about helping Sadism gas Iranians. Iraq did possess and use chemical weapons in the 1980s, but it is the U.S. that helped arm Iraq with military equipment, including chemical weapons, to use against Iran between 1985-1988; "U.S. government manufactures chemical and biological weapons, a fact that was routinely denied and only admitted after the anthrax attacks of 2001.
2) U.S. continued to sell chemical weapons to Iraq until Kuwait invasion in 1989; "These included anthrax, components of mustard gas, botulinum toxins (which causes paralysis of the muscles involving swallowing and is often fatal), histoplasma capsulatum (which may cause pneumonia, enlargement of the liver and spleen, anemia, acute inflammatory skin disease marked by tender red nodules), and a host of other nasty chemicals materials
3)Mr. Tenet's CIA letter says Iraq Chemical weapons is NOT a threat - "CIA stating that while Saddam Hussein poses little threat to America now, a US invasion could push him into retaliating with chemical or biological weapons"

Question: "Are you familiar with the 1994 Senate Hearings that revealed the U.S. knowingly supplied chemical and biological materials to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war and as late as 1992- including after the alleged Iraqi gas attack on a Kurdish village?" and "if there were any weapons from 1990-1998 found by UNSCOM Inspectors, they were provided by the US." (Congressman Ron Paul).

"George Bush [Sr.], operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into the aggressive power that the United States ultimately had to destroy." - Koppel, June, 1990 - as cited in Boles, 2002.

I request you to be a human before support any war.



Dear IdleBrain,

I am surprised how people can take a good gesture, so differently! Had this under-informed, self-concluding, rural African person (physician, did he say?) knows anything about (offscreen) chiranjeevi ['s activities] he would have never written this letter.

While I pity his knowledge of both Tollywood, Hollywood and U.S Foreign policy, it is absolutely insane to criticize Chiranjeevi personally or professionally !!

Firstly, what makes him think that it is 'honest attempt' by u.s? Unless he is a war monger, I am surprised how he portrayed "...mankind can sustain peace in future..blah blah..." Bush and handful of people around him!

If he thinks that this war is for so called 'liberation', I am sure, as time will tell, you will be disappointed.

Was it against Dictatorship ? (U.S has good relations with several dictators) Was it for those unfound WMD? (U.S has good relations with countries that have WMD) Was it for Democracy? (Saudi/Kuwait, a good friend of U.S, are they democratic?)

Was it because U.S loves Iraqi People (Ha! See Afghanistan!) Was it for Oil (Ofcourse, you will see. Who will pay for all that war?)

Let me tell you not to fall for these propaganda. I want to nail you only with one final point.

Iraq and Saddam were good friends of U.S while fighting with Iran. How come all of a sudden he is dictator, has WMD and all sorts of stupid reasons?

Coming to the point, he was also blaming that Chiru did not give any attention to how Saddam treated his poeple. Simply, that is not the topic of letter.

There are lot of inter related, complicated issues, here. His focus was only anti-war. You agree for it or not is different issue.

It has been fashion among under-informed and misguided narrow-minded people to blindly look at America and praise anything they do!

As for the polls, didn't this person see millions of people, all across the globe, rallying against the war? Anyway, inspite of all this, it was one hell bent president who did not win popular vote and pulled the economy to never seen depths who declared war for all the false reasons.

I hope this person would refrain from personal letters on public person who is doing lot of good to poor people in India!

-Ofcourse, Chirufan


Dear Mr.Durga Prasad,

I saw the open letter you wrote to Mr.Chiranjeevi, a famous Telugu actor. You are right that every war includes loss of civilian population. But please be noted that present world needs a pleasant look. It is distorted. Everything is corrupted. Everybody is in search of peace, which is diminishing day by day.

Who asked to fight? Did people from Iraq asked Mr.Bush to help them out of Saddam? That is just a revenge of Mr.Bush on Saddam. In your words, DETERMINED LEADER is trying to show his strength on weaker Countries. He destroyed Afganistan. I don't know what he really achieved from war against Afghan. His enemy is still alive (as per reports). At anytime he may take charge on America. R u feeling secure staying in America? No. Because, at any time those idiotic terrorists may hit you.

You said World's strongest Democracy. Does that mean it can invade anyone? You said that it is a honest attempt. Why don't that honest attempt come to India? Why he is in support of Terrorist Pakistan?

Just answer this. America takes care of World. It destroys all Terrorist Countries. Mr.Bush is a nightmare to cruel minds in World. If all these are true, why Mr.Bush supports Mr.Musharraf?

Because he needs his support as well as Indian support at this time. So, whatever Pak is doing is a "don't care condition" for US. He wants to take revenge on Saddam and he is doing that. Let him go..........But nobody can escape from ALMIGHTY. Whether he is doing justice or not whole world knows.

Who is he to suffer World like this? Is he the World leader? No....just a President of one of the Countries in the World.

Please remember. We don't understand the pain until it comes to us. You nullified the incident of the girl who suffered from war by saying it is common in a war. But, if it happens to one of our sisters?


You can take a thorn out of body using another thorn.....But TERRORISM CANNOT BE SUBSIDED BY ANOTHER TERRORISTIC ACTIVITY.

OUR ENEMY IS NOT A PERSON...BUT TERRORISM. Please remember, Earth cannot face another WORLD WAR. No more wars plzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Thank you,
D.Thrinadh B.E.


Dear Dr. Durga Prasad:

Well said. One needs knowledge, experience, mental clarity and honesty to one self.

Bob Kakarala


Dear Mr.Sunkara:

I am a student studying in the U.S.A. and I am writing this letter not in support of Mr.Chiranjeevi or for that matter anyone else. These are my personal views. The people in both the world's strongest democracy (U.S.A. as you said) and the world's largest democracy (India, for your information, so you don't have to Google it) have the right to free speech.

Firstly, you said the war on Iraq is an honest attempt by U.S.A. to liberate the people of Iraq from the hands of Saddam. I do not think that it is an honest attempt at all because U.S. is not so generous to spend close to $100b just to topple Mr. Hussein; it is just seeking the oil reserves there. As you know, the cost of gasoline/petrol is the cheapest in the U.S. when compared to most countries in the world. Some statistics now, $2.00(max.) per gallon or Rs. 100 per 3.79 liters. In order to keep the gas prices so low, obviously they have to seek other sources where they can get it for cheap. The Americans are good at this because the shift of manufacturing base to South East Asia illustrates it. So they chose Iraq as it has the second largest oil reserves next to Saudi Arabia. Now that they have Saudi, Kuwait and Iraq in their grip they can be rest assured that their oil worries are put to rest for another 25-30 years, say.

You might ask that why is Bush doing this, the answers are clear, to get a second term and to let American oil companies rule over the world. As a matter of fact, these oil companies have a lobby that is strong enough to change world events as is visible from the war.

Secondly, you said that Saddam has mutilated several people. This is because it is the popular form of punishment in most gulf countries. For example, take Saudi where people's fingers are chopped off if they are caught stealing. Then why does Mr.Bush not go to war on Saudi, big question right. Also, you said that he killed thousands of people by poisonous gases what proof do you have for this? Let me remind you that Mr.Bush went to war to disarm Iraq from Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) so that Saddam cannot use them against other countries and not from gas chambers!!! So your argument itself is fundamentally flawed.

Thirdly, as you said that the Indian elite is criticizing America and that it has become a fashion. I would like to say that it is true to some extent but it is no better in the U.S. The upper echelons in the people of Indian origin too resort to India bashing.

You said that the people of Iraq are happy because Saddam is gone. You might be inferring this from the American channels. It is a well-known fact that the American media twist facts; take the presidential elections of 2000. So what is the confidence interval you have to support your claim?

Finally you said that Mr.Chiranjeevi is imitating Hollywood. And you said that Hollywood is full of hypocrisy. By arguing so you contradicted what you said before, that is people are free to express their ideas. You are implying that hypocritical people are the ones who have this drive to criticize Mr.Bush and hate America!! What a bundle of contradictions, Mr.Sunkara?

Jai Hind.
Gustavo Andrews.


Hi Dr.Durga Prasad Garu

I really impressed your letter, When i saw the letter written by Chiranjeevi in i was so mad at him and felt very bad. I was a big fan of Chiranjeevi and I felt great about him for the work he is doing thru charity (collecting blood bank and eye bank, etc).

I discussed about this letter with all my friends, why he send such a stupid letter without knowing any thing about the US and the situation at Iraq.

I was thinking, why he did not respond the recent incidents happen in India. Recently there were 24 people killed including children and woman at Kashmir incident. On his view those are not people, those are not kids and those are not Indians. People will talk and comment only about the world but not our own homeland. I did not see any single comment about that in any paper or from this kind of people. We are facing so many problems inside our motherland, so first we have to bother about our people and then rest of world.

We always bother about first our family and then only we help for others because its our nature, same way first we have to think and talk about our BHARATA MATHA kids and Not for the publicity.

I don't know much about past, but I am watching recent incidents and felt very happy about Iraqi children. Now they have bright future. I thought of writing letter against that Chiranjeevi letter but i was bit of nerves. Thanks for your comments and i really appreciate you. Now i can fell happy that i am sharing my thoughts to someone like You.

Your Friend!


Dear Mr Durga Prasad Gaaaru,

You said Chiranjeevi didn't do any research to write his letter, but unfortunately you also looks like didn't do any research. I don't know where you gathered information about USA before criticizing Chiru.

I am also working in USA for the past 5 years, that doesn't mean I should support whatever US does.

You said, attacking Iraq is an honest attempt by US to liberate Iraqi people and to bring peace to Middle east, but honestly sir you are totally mistaken. I don't know from where you got this assumption. The whole world knows (except you I think) why US is attacking Iraq. It is definitely not to bring peace or freedom to Iraqi people, it is just for their own political and personal reasons. Do you think US is spending billions of dollars to liberate Iraqi people? If you think like this, I think it is time to open your eyes sir.

Everybody knows Saddam and his sons are brutal, tortured people and killed so many young girls and boys. Everybody wants them to die. But first of all, who supported Saddam initially? Who helped Saddam to get his power? Is it not America? Who helped Talibans to get power in Afghanistan? Is it not America?. Just because they turned against USA, now they want to kill them? If Saddam supports US and gives free oil to US, do you think US will go and liberate Iraqi people? Don't think so.

If US really has intension to liberate and save Irqi people, why did they put sanctions againest whole country when Iraq occupied Kuwait? They could have killed Saddam that time itself and just for one guy, why all Iraqis should suffer?

USA bothers only about their people and country, they are not some kind of saviors of the world. Everybody publicly knows whats going on in Kashmir and who is doing it. Everybody knows why US is not attacking Pakistan even if they knew that every terrorist in this world is in Pakistan. If Pakistan is not in favor to USA, by this time in your words
US would have liberated Pakistani people also

Please choose words carefully sir before criticizing a person like Chiranjeevi because you are dealing with emotions of thousands of people back there in India and here. Comparing movies with real world is really stupid sir, highly educated people like you should not write like this.

May be 70% of US people are supporting the War, but I strongly feel, 70% of the World is actually opposing it.

When it comes to dancing, yes people are happy and celebrating because a tyrant is gone, but please think who actually brought that guy. It is something like, "Velu kattirinchi venna poosinatlu". (As a matter of fact you should start watching BBC also apart from CNN to know both faces of this War)

You are correct. Dealing with foreign policy is not an easy task and nobody is trying to deal here with that, it is just a feeling we get when we see small children dying in this war for the mistake they didn't do.

If you are an Iraqi guy living in Iraq and if this happens to one of your kids then you think you are going to be happy and support USA because of Iraq is liberated or you will hate USA for bringing a guy like Saddam and killing everybody to kill him...Think about it sir



Dear Durga Prasad,

This is just to make u more clear about the American Govt act towards the Iraq.

You have mentioned big things like, Foreign policy needs knowledge etc. Here is small question for you

Do you think you have more knowledge than many countries PMs, Presidents who condemned the war. If America's war is justice then why many countries opposed it (including India).

My dear, World knows that Mr. Bush is greed of oil resources, and he wanted to occupy, so only the way to get it is just to paint Saddam as threat to America and he get it finally.

I get all information from News Papers from various countries (I believe the news papers write right things and truths). I have no other sources to get the info.

In recent Academy Awards function why many people blamed Bush, do u think you have more knowledge about America than them??

Mr. Bush started the war by claiming the Iraq has mass destruction weapons, but UN has given clean chit to Iraq. Why your so called Mr. Bush doesn't listen to the UN and simply ignored???

And America has sanctioned India when India tested N-Test. Doesn't America have the N-Bombs, why America don't throw it out side and why it ask other countries throw it???

Many surveys by many newspapers and other media sources showed Mr. Bush wanted this WAR only because of Oil. (For this please go thru sites and u can find the results)

And coming to fight against Terrorism Yap its very right thing to do, but why America opposing same act against PAK which America did for Iraq??

Is PAK not responsible killing of so many innocents in J&K.

So here America's determination clearly shows towards the terrorism. Mr. Bush is not fighting against terrorism but he is fighting for other things.

My dear sitting in America u can support the US Govt but u don't have any right to oppose others opinions.

Being a well educated just think twice before to speak anything.

I guess you are against to Chiranjeevi rather than finding the fact that went in Iraq and what Chiranjeevi wanted to convey.

So Just sit in your office and do support the US Govt don't write such letters, it degrade you I am saying.

It is shameful for you to write such letter being an Indian. I am really sorry for this.



hello durga prasad garu,

my name is venkat i am a software engg here in the u.s. the fact that u feel that u.s did the right thing in wat americans call "freeing iraq" is not justified by any standards. First lets play devils advocate for a minute, the only argument the head of the "free world" makes is if we don't remove saddam he will attack the u.s.. if pre emptive attack is the answer, tommorrow india can attack pakistan or vice versa, N.korea would attack south korea etc caring nothing about the U.N.

I'm not supporting saddam but can't help laughing "the leader of the free world" who care nothing when thousands of indians have lost their lives fighting a proxy war in kashmir but wants to strike a country without even showing proof tho his own "free" people.

Finally you think the people of iraq are celebrating. i suggest you try to find the other side of the coin as well,today there is anarchy, loot, lawlessness in iraq, people are looting hospitals in which war patients are being treated and the "leader of the free world" feels they r celebrating, this is not celebrations no country celebrates freedom this way, this is lawlessness.

The war was uncalled for, today if one country has gone to war without a reason tommorrow many will follow.

Btw not that iraq has been liberated has the "leader of the free world" found the weapons he waz looking for, guess he found wat he wanted the oil fields!!!



Dear Mr.DurgaPrasad Sunkara or what ever it is..................................

You seem to most loyal follower of Mr.Bush , and we here are even more loyal towards MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI AND OUR COUNTRY INDIA (i think its no more ur country) being a doctor (M.D) u might have the least value for anyones life but please donot forget ur a human being (homosapien in scientific terminology) before u were a doctor and now i don't know to which species u belog to now(may be I 'AM' 'ERR ' ICON 'species).U were questioning about the authenticity of the facts stated in the letter by MEGA STAR u also suggested him to do proper research work , and i strongly feel u should be doing that, and to ur information Mr Durga Prasad history says that America fights a war whenever its economy is in depression ,I can't explain u the rationale behind it now because i dont have that much time and u even won't able to understand it ,well u might be enjoying America fighting a war because ur country is winning ,but one thing i want to ask Americans always suggest INDIA not to got to war against Pakistan but why r they fighting this war to demolish the nuclear weapons possessed by iraq but where r they world has not heard about any such weapon and shall i say u some thing this war is being fought on personal levels Mr Bush VS Mr Saddam and the killing of innocent people for these two fellows is really really very sad story please donot support Americas stance blindly because u reside there and the letter written by MEGA STAR was just to convey his feelings to Mr.Bush and nothing else because he is an INDIAN and INDIANS love "PEACE" and don't feel very happy that America is a super power FUTURE is DOOMED for it and INDIA is the only hier for super power status in the near future , so sincerely i advise u to practice to be AN INDIAN

rishab ratta

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