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Chitchat with Krisham Raju
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20th January is the birthday of Rebel Star Krishnam Raju who entered the film industry with Chilaka Gorinka in 1966 and did over 182 films in his career spanning over 40 years. Here is chitchat with Krishnam Raju -

19th January 2006

How different was filmmaking in your prime time compared to now?
In my prime time as hero, the technology in films was underdeveloped. We used to give more importance to subjects (story and script). That is the reason why all heroes in our times were successful with handful of hit films. But these days technique is dominating the story. We took 3 months to do Tandra Papa Rayudu script and gave it to Dasari. Dasari made that film with 15000 foot of negative. We minimized it to 13000 foot after editing. That was the efficiency of directors in those days. It makes me crazy when I hear that the directors are deleting 1 lakh foot of negative while editing these days. A Malyalam director called Joshi used to direct and edit his films and he used to be very economical.

The success of any film would lie in the script. During the script level itself we can be confident about the success. There were even times, when we re-shot the films after watching the first copy. We re-shot a few scenes of Amara Deepam film and it ran for 100 days in 2 theaters.

Do you want to continue with films?
I entered this film industry as hero and then donned villain roles and character artists roles too. I did different films like Bobbili Brahmanna and Tandra Papa Rayudu. I am very much satisfied as an actor. I tasted both success and failure in my political career. I want to continue in film industry. I am doing a special role in Nitin’s Ram. That character has bit of Bobbili Brahmanna shades and emotions.

What is your response over Prabhas’s Chatrapati?
These days, it is very difficult for a hit film to run for 50 days. I am really happy to see Prabhas's Chatrapati running for 100 days in so many centers. Prabhas has improved a lot as an actor now. Fans want us to act together in a film. We are ready to do it, if we get the right script. I am also going to act in a film to be produced by my home banner Gopi Krishna Movies this month.

What made your films work?
Right mix of mass and sentiment elements! However good a mass film is, it is very important to have sentiment in it. The best examples are Katakatala Rudrayya and Rangoon Rowdy. The secret of Amitab’s success is also the same. When I had the image of Rebel Star, I balanced my career by acting in different films like Guvvala Janta and Manavuri Pandavulu.

What is your take on producing Bollywood films?
Hindi film production is different ball game all together. None of our Telugu film producers succeeded sonsistently in Hindi filmmaking. I also tried it by remaking Bobbili Brahmanna with Dileep Kumar in Hindi and it failed. I never attempted producing Hindi films after that.

What do you think about the current trend in films?
If you look at old films, Ramana Reddy and Relangi roles used to be integral part of the story and narrative. Slowly separate comedy tracks have come. Then films based on songs have come. All these phases are temporary.

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