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My Movie - Happy Days
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October 7 , 2007

Happy Days

Myself Krishna Sastry working for Texas Instruments Bangalore and a regular visitor of Idlebrain and Jeevi reviews.

I watched Happy Days movie with my B.E. college friends last friday, in PVR cinemas Bangalore, which had left a pleasant feeling in me.I would like to share my feelings with you.

First a big Hats off to sekhar... I felt this is one of the best of sekhar's work and on par with his earlier movies Anand and Godavari...wonderful movie...People are kept in a happy world for about 2 and half hours in the theatres and it has been wonderful to see everyone whole heartedly joining me for a big applause to Sekhar once the movie was over...for the first time I felt it would have been great had the movie been extended for some more time...

The movie is about a group of 8 friends in an engineering college...The movie touches almost everything in the engineering life...right from the very first day to the college, ragging, cursing the seniors(:)), new friendships, engineering subjects, N.D.Bhat, Drafters( for me drafter was a gun... During Ragging i was asked by my seniors to hijack a local city bus with my drafter as a gun... :) and i did it...:)), long wait for freshers day in the college,strict professors, internal exams, juniors becoming seniors...some people forming relationships for a life time, some misunderstandings, whole hearted friends,some of them are selfish some times.. from seniors...guidance to the end a farewell to friends with heavy hearts, part of which filled with a great hope for a bright future...what not? almost everything that happens in the four years span of college life...

Sekhars selection of people has been wonderful... everyone performed fantastically well...Chandu-Madhu, Tyson-Sravanthi, Rajesh-Appu, Shankar-Sangeetha..and of course Kamalini... Gave fabulous performance...Tysons attitude, Chandu-madhu love, Rajesh's innocent confusion and comedy...touches every one's heart...very sensible movie and most of it is realistic...

No words to describe the music about how good it has been...It is in resonance with every one's heart...a master piece... Another star music director is here...arere arere song will stand as the best song forever...karthik has been outstanding with his singing... Micky J mayer has a very bright future...

This is the best telugu movie i have watched in the recent past, no where in the movie i felt bored. Also this is the first movie i thought of booking a ticket for the next day, unfortunately could not get it though, but definitely will watch it once again. My heart filled with a wonderful feeling when i am out of the theatre... yesterday has been really a happy day for me... Thanks to Sekhar for such a fabulous entertainment...

Krishna Sastry
[email protected]

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