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Open letter about Nijam

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26th July
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Open letter about Nijam

My name is Ashok. I like movies directed by Teja. I always enjoyed his movies as they had a good theme.

Last week I have seen Nijam in Boston. Although in IB discussion everybody mentioned that the movie was bad I had confidence on Teja and his director ability. When I saw the movie I was extremely disappointed.

The best +ve things about movie are Mahesh Babu performance and the theme of movie to curb corruption. I feel Mahesh Babu is going to be another star like Chiru. I cannot give full credit to Teja for Mahesh performance as I felt Mahesh improved his performance from Okkadu.

The movie was bad in most other aspects. I feel that Teja should see the movie once again and accept the fact that direction of movie was bad. I have listed below some bad patches in movie.

First worst thing was the villain's episode. The way the villains were portrayed harmed the movie to some extent. In Jayam Teja got credit for the way Gopichand was shown and his portrayal from childhood. In this movie I thought his talent was wasted.

I felt that villain-using blood to decorate himself and calling himself devudu was silly.

Using words like calling "peddamma" and " field set chasanuu" were funny. The whole movie looks like the hero fighting with police more then the villain. I do not know why the villain even existed. The whole episode of Raasi and her brother was not useful at all and did have the impact that Teja usually has. Whenever the villain was shown I felt I was getting headache. I just think nobody would be a silly as him. I do not why Teja used so many hizzadas so many times in the film. I felt that whole villain portray needs to be reviewed by Teja again.

Second worst thing was the music of the film. The music of the film was big failure. No good background music nor theme music, no good impact songs. I am very surprised that Teja agreed to make a film with such ordinary music. RP has done a very bad job. Teja should either replace RP or get better result from him for next movie.

Third worst thing was Rakshita. I felt that Raksitha did not suit Mahesh at all neither in looks nor in action. I felt she had a -ve impact. I do not even want to discuss the whole vulgarity episode but I feel Teja had a wrong heroine choice.

Another major missing ingredient was comedy. Although certain comedy scenes were good I felt that it could have been better.

Some of unnecessary scenes also affected the film. Nobody knows why Shakeela, jimmy existed in that film. Mahesh hiding his bicycle in such tense moment was funny. Why did not Ranganath arrest Gopichand when he was setting fire? I did not understand why villain had to tonsure his head. Talluri Rajeshwari was sometimes too cool in her dialogue delivery. Her dialogue delivery in some scenes was not emotional and appropriate. The whole sets or locations used in this movie except for few were unoriginal.

Example: villain's den.

In first song Rakshita teases Mahesh and suddenly they shift from ordinary locality to hi-tech locality and dancers seem to come from nowhere.

I recently read a Teja interview and I felt he seems to support himself about direction of Nijam. I am a fan of Teja but I myself felt that Mahesh has saved the film from disaster. The direction could have been much better. The theme was good and a story was made to focus on the theme. Not much importance was given to the script or screenplay. If the movie were made with any other star then it definitely would have flopped.

I except that Teja reviews his critics and silence them (including me) by delivering a hit movie soon.

Good luck to Teja

[email protected]

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