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Chitchat with Dr. Haranath Policherla
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Haranath Policherla

August 14, 2006

A successful, practicing doctor in USA, Dr. Harnath Policherla has always strived to play his part to bring about positive changes in the Indian society. He produced ‘Hope’ that deals with teenage suicides. He also acted in handful of films (Premayanamaha, Vennela, Alex, Amruta Varsham and Hope). He did the hero role in Alex that has Rambha and Sangeeta playing the female leads. met with Haranath who is in town to attend the premiere of Hope. Here are the excerpts from his chitchat -

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How was your experience of acting as hero in Alex film?
It was not my intention to act as hero in that film. Lot of my friends said that role suits me very well. We had a photo session with Alex get-up and they found that I am suitable for the role. It was a good journey and I learned a lot from it. There is still lot of scope to grow as an actor. That role demanded controlled emotions and I did justice, however I feel that I should have done it better. It helps you a lot when you have senior actress like Rambha acting with you.

How did Hope happen?
Hope subject is very close to my heart. It deals about teenage suicides. 2 out of 180 people in my graduate college used to opt for suicide. I lost a dear friend of mine called Krishna Murthy who he took his life because of peer pressure. When Satish narrated this subject to me, I asked him the intention. He said that Hope is an art film that is meant for film festivals.

I want to treat filmmaking as a business and I don’t want to do any charity over here. A couple of months after listening to the Hope script, a daughter of my Bangalore friend committed suicide because she got second class in stead of first class. It stuck me like a thunderbolt. I identified myself with the cause. I called Satish up and told him that we are doing this film. I am assuming that I am putting a lump sum amount of money in Venkateswara Swamy hundi and producing this film.

You seem to be fascinated with Telugu film industry. You are consistently producing and acting in films. You are a top class doctor in USA and a struggling actor in Telugu films. Do you enjoy this position?
I am fascinated with arts and acting. I acted in more than 30 stage plays during my graduation days. I won best actor award in my inter collegiate competition. I had passion to become an actor. Some part of me want to become an actor. I went to USA and worked my way up to become one of the top doctors in Neurology. I also teach Neurology in the capacity of assistant professor in an US university. I passed four boards and fellowships. I established a chain of hospitals. I operate at macro level and manage them.

But film industry is a different arena. Though a struggler now, I am sure I would climb the ladder up in due time. I am enjoying this journey as an actor.

If you are talented you can come up in any other field. But here in film industry need you need ample luck if you don’t have background in the industry? As a producer, don’t you think moviemaking is a huge risk?
I agree that making a movie is like gambling. I don’t believe in luck. During my early days in USA I worked as motel clerk part time in a motel run by Gujaratis. I learned a great deal about managing business from them. That experience taught me to do smart business. I am sure I would apply the same to the films I am making.

I am happy as an actor too. Money is not everything to me. What drives me here in Telugu films is ambition to succeed and earn good name.

What’s your next project after Hope?
I will do a complete commercial film.

What is the reason behind taking D Rama Naidu for the lead role in Hope?
I met him in USA. When I listened to the story, the professor character in Hope reminded me of D Rama Naidu. I thought that it suits D Rama Naidu. I am happy that D Rama Naidu has given very natural performance in the lead role of Hope.

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