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Open letter to Telugu film industry
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13th August 2003
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Open letter to Telugu film Industry Part - 3

With reference to my previous letters (Part I, II) about missing national award and current trends in Telugu movie industry, as a Telugu movie fan I would like to mention few suggestions and requests in my third open letter to Telugu movie industry without touching repeated boring same subject (disappointment at national award) but suggesting or requesting few things from choosing versatile Genre's to technical values etc., During preparing my second open letter, I missed to mention few things, those are for our current Heroes, Heroines and technicians especially preparing common hub or exclusively movie library which comprise huge archive of Hollywood, int.Videos, DVD's, books based on movie making technology. Reading this open letter like a reading 10 open letters and readers may feel bit funny, excessive comparison and mild criticism but in reality just I tried to covering various existing known facts without criticizing intentionally about trends of current cast and crew in Telugu Cine industry.

Future Hero roles
Most of our Telugu movies are over heroism-based movies, Hero is the person, he can do anything, nothing is impossible, but in real life nobody find such characters. At the same time they don't want to try versatile action thrillers like fast paced action, stunts, risky fights (even with visual effects), and even minimum they don't want to change makeup or wigs movie to movie, see old actors some times they used same type of wigs for 1 to 2 decades, so present trend also following same path. Current heroes are lucky compared to future generations, just they have to sweat it out in songs and steps, every thing cool, just opening collections can save them from accusations of distributors, theatre exhibitors and buyers. Now a days most of movies are soft corn and pop corn movies, every movie looks same, viewers can easily imagine next scene and throwing movie into history bin like a movie ticket from their memory. But in near future (within span of 2 to 5 or 8 years) people naturally fed up with social, family, love themes and become insensitive to any of emotions (viewers emotions evaporated due to current obsessive love & melodramatic scenes), so at that time they may have to ready to (sacrifice) jump from flights around 20000 ft.( skydiving scenes) to save heroines or some critical element from villains or terrorist dens, forests or busy with wearing scuba diving suits scenes to rescue soldiers from Submarine or space suits to land on mars (Sci-Fi scenes), jungle fighting, commando training and busy with improving body building etc., they have to sweat out a lot for innovative things from hero side and to make a hit and innovative movie.

Choosing path breaking hero roles
People can remember many years after watching those above such scenes but they don't remember soft, pop-corn movies like Indra, Premante Idera, Manmadhudu, Narasimha Naidu etc., So if the current senior heroes really want to be in viewers memories for long time they have to choose Khaidi, Shiva, Kshana Kshanam type of new themes along with family oriented, social, love themes of above mentioned movies, because if any one asks about their favorite movies of their stars they can immediately recollect from their memory about only these few handpicked movies, That's the power of fast paced action, natural, horror, dramatic thrilling scenes in movies, these scenes can remain in viewers memory long time compared to above mentioned soft, routine churning from mill movies. So current Senior Hero's has to decided before retiring or fade out by young generations, whether still they're busy with increasing bank balances and controlled by fan following and retiring without any significant impact on Telugu movie industry and remain in History bins or choosing innovative stories which is unthinkable by even their poor fans and viewers and create surprise, stunning blockbusters and create history in Telugu Cinema like another Shiva or Khaidi despite of few flops in their path., or minimum they have to choose roles (for example) versatile Hindi actor Ajay Devagan and Amir Khan type of choosing versatile roles, getups and themes (Company, Bhoot, Bhagat Singh, Lagan, Dil Chahtahi and so on) for avoiding routine hero roles.

Most of our Telugu Heroines only for songs and supporting roles, increasing repetitive audiences with their exp. characters, just like a odd woman out, they don't have proper roles to do that, we can't blame them, it's entire discredit goes to story writers and selection of themes, if they develop themes like recent movies based on investigative journalist themes like Veronica Guerin, Chicago to Elina Brokovich type of Heroine dominant roles, they can get minimum identity in a male dominant Cine industry. If they don't find anyone to produce such type of roles, Heroines has to produce on their own to make such type of roles to prove their talent.

Villains should be as deadly as hero. Villains roles in Telugu Movie industry some what better compared to other movie industries, they're trying different faces from different movie industries for showing as deadly as Hero, but still they don't have proper credit compared to Hero due to over heroism.

Technicians and Movie library
What I mention in Hero's section for making movies like Shiva or Khaidi, it's entirely depends on Director and Technicians. Hero's can only choose subjects, but once if Directors and technicians become spoilsport, make flop movie, Hero's can't go for practical oriented movies or Genre's in next movie, for example one senior hero gave many chances to young new directors with new themes in 90's, but lack of technical abilities many of these movies are become flops, but 1 or 2 movies are memorable and created history in Telugu movie industry, those are plus and negative points with respect to fresh talented directors and Technicians. Technicians should go back to the recent books and videos, they should upgrade their technical stuff to current trends in international movie standards, learn from innovative technics to exemplify the effects on celluloid, for doing this, they should prepare a common good library and lending studio equipment hub (other than big studios and costly lending) with archive of technical books based on photography, direction, visual effects, animation, script writing, editing etc., archive of videos, equipment (from Studycam camera to recent 435 model and Digital movie making DV for near future movie making), funded by movie industry people or Gov. which can be accessible by any big or small technicians, directors, photographers, then only everybody can set the standard, rather than following standards.

The above movie library issue strikeout in my mind while reading one of young director interview in Idlebrain, in that interview he openly requested for any books or material for recent new technics in movie making without any ego's, so everyone should take this example and try sincerely to check material from different sources from Internet to movie making library. Telugu Cine industry needs to develop technical oriented diplomas locally to recognize their talent by conducting various tests. So Telugu movie industry should invest on some useful common things like technical library with vast collection of recent and old archive of books on (photography, moviemaking, direction, visual effects etc) book library, huge collection of Hollywood, French, German, Japanese DVD movie library and also equipment (special cameras to costumes), if possible Telugu movie industry Museum. Which is useful for remaing 50% of low budget movies especially producers, directors and technicians, and also they can learn a lot by watching various selection of movies from Hollywood to other international movies (French, German and Japanese), so that they can start developing on innovative themes for future projects. Suppose if any photography or editing technician want to see the last one decade (10 years movies) movies which won awards or acclaims based on Photography and editing section at Oscars, Canes, Toronto film festivals, so the Video and DVD library serving people should access from their computer database and arrange those movies or video clippings to those interesting people, so that they can find how those techniques are different from Telugu movie standards and implement at their next project, learning accordingly, it's indirectly improving standards and reaching to international movie making standards instead of doing costly Movie making technical diplomas at UCLA and NYU, they can learn most of basics from Computer based video CD learning (CBT's). Then they can go for internationally recognized technical diplomas like DFT's. It's not tough to implement on movie making library due to Telugu movie industry is richest film industry after Bollywood. Directors, photographers,Technicians should get train from regular seminars or training sessions from experienced trained photographers and technicians.

Costumes & equipment
Suppose If you can look at our Telugu movies used fake weapons (pistols OK but see Machine guns it looks very crude and looks like worser than current toy guns), same like Costumes (nobody care ranks or colour of dresses of police officer or military officer, just they prepared for more special than naturality. Suppose if any small movie producer and director want to procure some equipments for their low budget movie, naturally they will opt out of such things from their script or using crude, toy guns due to budget constraints and lack of information about where they can get other than Mumbai, it tends to naturally lack of quality in above aspects. So if there is a common equipment and accessories lending hub or place funded by some non-profitable corporations like FDC, or various movie associations, or with fund raising with Cricket benefit matches, so it's useful for especially low budget movies, in future these technicians may work in big budget movies, ultimately improves the standards in industry.

Repeating similar movies or themes
The problem with repeated same type of movies are comes with same regular teams of most of directors, story writers (screenplay and dialogues), dance masters, action & stunt masters, makeup technicians, these people are continuing this industry for last 1 to 3 decades, so we can't expect them to show any novelty by these people, just working for movie after movie and doing 3 to 5 movies at a time with various stars, without spending time (no time) on upgrading their skills for getting freshness. Most of Telugu movies (around 60-70%) are coming from around 6 to 10 directors, story writers, screenplay and dialogue and other technical team, so it seems to be all of the movies are same and replicate with each other without any new things. So viewer will feel like a 2 1/2 hours TV serial continuing every week or month just changing cast (Heroes and Heroines). So they've to find fresh new talented directors, script and dialogue, photography and other technicians, or minimum they've to shuffle those existing teams to different projects, so that they can come out of replication problem.

Comparison to Hollywood and adopting themes from Hollywood movies
If you can look at my three parts of open letters, it seems to be more tilted to Hollywood point of view and excessive comparison and criticism to Telugu movie industry, but I am not going to compare entirely with Hollywood movie making to Telugu movie making except technical values, but there is no way, Telugu movie industry can't learn from either Bollywood (except recent change in their attitude after slump) or Tamil movie industry they're not far better than Telugu movie industry. So only Telugu movie industry can learn from Hollywood with respect to technical values especially action & visual effects, photography, script writing, costumes but not entirely hollywood style of mannerism, artificial fighting scenes (Entire world is felt bored of tonnes of Hollywood routine action themes after repeated FBI and CIA terms and acting like a Global police from Aliens and notorious villains). But they can learn a lot of techniques from other Hollywood Genre's like Horror suspense crime thrillers, sci-fi, fantasies, action thrillers and so on. If you can look at our top most senior heroes trend setting blockbuster movies in Telugu cinema like Khaidi, Shiva, Kshana Kshanam, Aditya 369, Anthapuram and many super hits slightly or moderately copied or inspired from Hollywood themes, so nobody can't say it's purely Telugu native based industry and untouchable to Hollywood, so producers and directors should not shy away from adopting (better copying according to nativity) themes or stories from Hollywood movies for freshness, it can minimum change the path of movie making in Telugu movie industry until find another right path. For example see the recent Bollywood hit (?) of Koyi Mil Gaya, it's inspired (copied) from ET, Forrest Gump, contact and special effects done by locally (Bangalore) with some hollywood based indian technicians. So Telugu movie industry may need to do this type of ventures (either holy or unholy alliances) to come out of routine movies and slumps, and Telugu movie industry budget also almost same to most of Bollywood movies, so instead of spending on songs in Switzerland, Germany and costly sets they can invest on visual effects, breathtaking action and stunts scenes.

Open Movie Industry in India
Telugu movie industry has one specialty out of all the movie industries in India, it's like open movie industry, people also accept other movie industry actors, actress, directors, stunt masters, music directors every one has more freedom to choose their cast and crew from any movie industry in India etc., Viewers standards also above average to high (Main stream), they always expect hollywood movie style making, lavishness without melodrama and poverty based themes and art movies, some times viewers don't like even too much nativity (Lungies, traditional dresses and excessive village back drop like in Malayalam and Bengali), but unfortunately our directors and technical team disappointing Telugu viewers due to lack of creativity & technical knowledge, just they're winding and exposing loads of reels, wasting resources and choosing easy movie making themes like youth love stories and family oriented, social themes. So they have to take this open movie advantage and try to find various steps to become a one of versatile movie industry in India and entire world after Hollywood by making innovative commercial mainstream and technical brilliant movies.

Open letter to Telugu film Industry Part - 2

With reference to my previous letter and Idlebrain editorial on "Disappointment at 50th National Film Awards" as a Telugu movie fan I would like to mention few suggestions and requests in my second open letter to Telugu movie industry. Regarding my previous open letter feedback from editorial and some other people, in my opinion if the criticism is mild nobody cares, if it is strong everyone take note whether it is useful or not. I've got the chance to express freely, during rejection of single award to Telugu movie industry at the same time I tried to discuss current trends of Telugu Cinema industry. Regarding politics in selection jury, previously one of Telugu movie producer criticized the national selection jury members acting like a syndicate and favor to other cine industries, so just I quoted from his comments. Regarding comments from editorial, for making suggestion no need to be a Genius, any common Telugu movie viewer can express freely about their impression about movie industry (some times it looks overlooked but useful info for Movie industry), Idlebrain gave us a good chance to everyone to express on any topic which is useful to Telugu Movie industry. This is one of the innovative way of telling Movie industry people that viewers tastes and expectations. I don't think any one (other than Idlebrain) has tried this way of open letters previously. So still there is a only way of express viewers dissatisfaction by rejecting movie by making flop, still no one knows where the movie exactly failed at what point. Still there is a chance of repeating same mistake again and again by other producers and directors without respecting viewers tastes and comments. Because viewers can't tell their voice by other media about their comments about trends of movies or movie industry other than internet media.

So I hope minimum with help of these channels they will try to check the pulse of viewers especially urban and youth trends. But if they want to get whole viewers taste and trends from rural to urban, region to region there is only way is conducting viewers polls like Marketing Research (simulating to Cine industry like Media research) with ex: ORG-MARG or such type of marketing research agencies by consulting min. 5000 people of different ages, rural and urban population based on 30 to 40 questions grilling randomly selected viewers and their opinion about what are the changes are expecting in movies and what are the Genre's they want. But this tastes change with time, so they have to conduct this survey every 2 to 3 years. It looks funny if I suggest above media market research, but just like improving corporate companies market strategy, cine industry should need to improve their quality of films, business and also Telugu movie industry business is more than 500 crore per ann. and reached third to fourth biggest movie industry in entire world. So spending 20 to 50 lakhs on Movie media market research from FDC or from Entertainment tax or Producers association is not a big task spent on this type of scientifically proved pilot project. So that the producers can move away from
gridlocks of Trend, minimum guarantee routine, tried tested formula based themes and stories. And also Financiers and buyers can take this Movie Media market research report as a authentic way to finance or buy the movie during pre & production if they (Producers) follow according advises or guidelines of media research report. So it's start healthy scientific way of trend to sustain Telugu movie industry from slumps, ultimately benefits viewers and movie industry.

Suppose if they conduct such type of viewer polls in my opinion definitely around 70 to 80% people will say that love based genre with either social, family, youth or faction drop or theme movies become overdose, it's already reached saturation, viewers can't tolerate in near future. That's why there is a so called "slump" in every industry after gap of 5 to 8 years to remove bad blood from the industry (indirectly shows viewers are outrightly rejecting most of movies due to lack of novelty in themes). After every slump there is a small change in movie making, then if the movies are slowly become hits every one follows same path until another slump, but nobody wants try different genre to avoid slump in the industry, that's why everytime slump takes it toll. Every one can observe developments after slump in Hindi industry every one starts chasing real stories (every one ran behind encounter specialist movies (ex: Abtak Chappan to another 6-8 movies on same subject), Horror and crime suspense thrillers (ex: Bhoot and other Horror movies), War movies (LOC), true stories (Bhagath singh, amir khan another story of Mangal pandey etc.,) after getting bored from routine triangle love based stories, running
behind trees (songs).

As per my observation this love themes almost occupies around 85 to 95% of whole Telugu industry, only change in these movies are different back drops (Seema to College youth) nothing much. If every big heroes, producers, directors look back and introspect their previous their movies or whole telugu cinema industry path, definitely there is a lot of crap movies (Vaccum) of love, family oriented, stale mass movies (For example out of 20000 whole telugu movies around 19500 movies are stale and no impact on viewers (in my personnel opinion). Still every producer don't want to touch other genre's like Horror (with good screenplay, background music, special effects, new faces but not third grade white saree devil tried tested formulas), True stories, real stories, social problems (Take the example of "Satya", "Sindhuram" and Khadgam but not uninteresting Erra cinemalu), crime suspense thrillers (See the low budget just 3 character Hollywood movie like "Dead Calm" to recent path breaking Telugu movie "Aithe" to "Shiva" "Antham" and "Kshana Kshanam"), War military backdrop movies (not asking them to make "Black Hawk down" type of heavy budget Hollywood movies but take it as a Soldier stories with Telugu nativity backdrop either from Kargil War to other terrorist, Naxalite back drop action thrillers), or minimum "Okkadu" type of good tech, stunts & entertainment main stream movies and so on ... missing Genres in Telugu Cinema. The problem is even if they want to try to make different genre, they scare from previous inexperiencedly handled failure projects, most of the different genre failure projects dealt by inexperienced guys lack of technical and creative skills.

Still I wonder why telugu (other industries also in same path) viewer is so obsessed by this love or social family oriented tried tested trend, or producer, director or heroes forcibly rubbing these movies and creating "No Way" situation to Telugu movie industry and viewers. So if the viewers really want youth or social, family oriented movies they no need to watch in a theatre they can watch in TV serials or TV movies. Now a days most of the People come to theatre only for mesmerize by technical or special or visual effects, here exactly Hollywood captures worldwide market, creates strong impression on theatre viewers, so Telugu industry need to start making good technical value movies of different genre. Otherwise 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Columbia Tri-star and other movie international distributors starts (already started with T3) dubbing in to Telugu and capture permanently action or visual effects movies segment from Telugu movie industry, so Telugu movie industry has to remain making as usual family oriented movies. AP is also one of the big supporter for Hollywood movies, this shows telugu viewers (especially rural and urban youth, educated segment) are shifting to Hollywood & dubbed movies due to lack of such type of novelty visual effects movie making in Telugu movie

I am not talking or criticizing 100% of Telugu movies, just talking about around 40% to 50% remaining movies. The remaining out of 50%, there is a considerable 30% occupied by routine movies of Commercial big heroes, big directors, big producers, many aspects, In my opinion this 30% of big action movies are need to survive theatres, artists, technicians in any industry like even Hollywood (but not compulsory) The remaining 20% are movies are called uninteresting static movies because they don't want to change with time like Erra cinemalu to other unspecified uninteresting combination of Heroes, Directors and they don't care about their fate of movies. Just releasing their movies after movies, viewers are rejecting from day 1. Every Hero and Director proudly show their stale movie database after reaching 100 or 200 movies. So if you can look at remaining 40 to 50%, now current trend force them to choose youth based, social, family oriented love themes due to easy movie making without putting brains and technique, out of 100 movies by chance if one movie become success, these producers and directors inspire from that one small hit ("Chitram" is such movie to start of chain of youth love stories), and again they will tried and tested on the same theme until another 100 flops, but they don't want to try other above mentioned Genre or theme to get good success ratio.

So my request or suggestion or hope if these 40 to 50% of the movie producers, directors, new heroes (less control on choosing movie based on personnel taste) change their path and look at other non-love based Genre or themes and preparing low budget (2 to 4 crore) good story, screenplay, good sound track (DTS or Dolby), if any visual effects definitely quality of Telugu movie industry will improve, ultimately there is a chance of getting awards in national or international arena and may dub into other languages due to technical superiority. Every movie producer, Director or Hero should think before starting their movie "How entirely different this movie compared to previous 15000 to 20000 (may be more or less) archive (bundle) of previous telugu movies", if they say 80% different, chances of accepting is more due to novelty. this may be difficult during this lack of creativity by writing innovative stories in Telugu movie industry but not impossible, minimum they can good re-cycle and good adoptation ,nativity of previous Hollywood movies (Without my daughter...) to telugu movies like "Anthapuram" to change according to nativity. So that movies looks fresh despite of re-cycling from Hollywood other movie industry, but our directors copy themselves and remaking from other language hits, and again the same remake into Hindi movies. Those movies almost similar to our movies without any novelty.

Most of the Telugu movies are not target based movies, that means every movie to every one policy, so during making movie the producer and Director want to insert routine masala ingredients for satisfying everyone from Children to Grand parents in a family, so ultimately movie become stale. If they make target based there is chance of success is more due to more focus on one topic or theme. In my opinion songs also dilute the pace of movie, I am not saying songs are useless to keep but everyone expects all songs should be perfect hit and melodious but not for numbers, for ex: see "Oke Okkadu" to few of telugu films like "Kshana Kshanam". So best thing is removing songs in final editing after getting feedback from Audio release, otherwise if 2 songs good and 4 songs are average or bad, so viewers should forcibly & patiently wait for end of each song by wasting around 4x6=24 minutes of valuable time of 130 minutes of pace of movie, so ultimately loose the movie grip and become flop otherwise the only way to reducing length of movie or time. At that time there is no comments like First of is good and second half is average, in Hollywood there is no first half or second half.

I have seen many movies keeping their songs by just saying that our movie also 6 songs, but they don't care quality of those songs are melodious are situational based. So I hope everyone should advise to Producers, Buyers or Directors stop chasing hero and heroines behind bushes & Trees irrespective of Switzerland or Rajamundry backdrop during the songs and it should be situational based songs. The recent hits "Bhoot" and "Aithe" (one song)" proved songs are not compulsory ingredient to satisfy the viewers.

My final comments on New and (some old also) Producers: Now a days most of producers are like a "Chintapandu vyaparulu" (Commented by Director KV, so don't blame me), they don't have proper creative imagination skills, production values, patience to choose right story, script, selecting directors, cast, without spending minimum 2 to 3 months pre-production and script work and just shifting their money bags from their successful business to Telugu movie industry and vice versa. So for making some
immediate returns they will choose tried tested formulas, and also choosing ingredients
according to buyers guidelines, so naturally chain of flops. So if the producers are creative like for example Hollywood producer Joel silver of Silver pictures, they can make stunning movies in 21st century like "Matrix". I don't think if any one accepts Matrix directors "Wachoski Brothers" script straightaway and spend more than 70-100 million dollars without much change on that innovative script. I can say that due to Producer Joel Silver's taste and imagination, he perfectly and easily visualized the script in his mind before on celluloid and invest money accordingly. Otherwise Producers has to keep on hammering on Directors head to reduce budget without understanding directors views and taste. So if the industry follows ruthless corporate strategy by choosing story, script to cast like in Hollywood, definitely Telugu movie industry can create wonders.

Open letter to Telugu film Industry Part - 1

To the Telugu Film Industry (AP Govt., Producers, Directors, Actors, Story writers, Technical dept.)

With reference to recent humiliation to Telugu Film industry by not getting single award and direct comments from Central minister stating that Telugu Film industry is going down standards despite of second biggest movie industry in India, the below sincere suggestions to Producers (Big and small), Actors, Directors who are making, churning out routine B and C grade movies without proper plan except their ambition to merely making money without any standards either technical or commercial.

Most of the Directors doesn't have any Film based technical diplomas like DFT's (Diplomas in Film technology or photography), lack of proper film based knowledge, just they learned from while they are working as a spot boys, light boys or assisting directors, gaining from experience movie to movie, this trend continuing from last 5 decades. Luckily few are exceptional especially new generation, even though without Film tech. diplomas due to their only creativity they are making wonders. But unfortunately all are in commercial routine movie directors, due to huge remuneration they don't want to move an inch from their path.

If the Telugu industry really want to prove in national level despite of politics in selection Jury, every hero should make themselves free to work for one movie per span of 1-2 years (either technically brilliant commercial or purely art movie) to compete in national level and it also gives opportunity to prove themselves in National and local arena and their personnel satisfaction. They should cater minimum one movie per two years. AP Govt. should reduce entertainment tax to any award winning hero's all of his films for upto 1-2 years. So it's indirect profit to producers to make a movie with award winning Heroes to reduce taxes in other commercial movies for 1 to 2 years. This tends to a healthy competition, indirectly triggers better quality movies from Telugu movie industry. Then they can argue about how national selection jury is neglecting Telugu industry. If you can look at our top most senior heroes to till recent megastar (except for award to Rudravena), till now no one get national level recognition despite of acting tonnes of routine movies. Most of the movies are B and C grade, except for satisfying their fans and surviving theatres, nobody remember their movie after some period. The above suggestion is not only for getting national award, but it slowly moving towards internationally recognition position because Telugu industry now reached 3rd to 5th position in entire world by making no. of movies (from mill). So naturally there is a curiosity everywhere about the quality of Telugu movie industry within India after Bollywood. And also this healthy trend make Hyderabad as a International movie hub due to good Studios (Ramoji FC, RFS, graphics etc.,)

For example If you can look at recent low budget Hollywood action, spine chilling horror and crime thriller movies like "Identity" (Hit), "Wrong Turn" (Average -but earned huge profits due to low budget), "The Ring" (Big Hit- I think dubbed from Japanese movie), including our Bollywood movie "Bhoot" (Hit- RGV earned around handsome 20-25 crores profit by just spending 3 to 4 crores) these movies proved budget is not a criteria for making good movies. How these movies are different from our routine masala, churning from mill movies because innovative story, screenplay, background music, photography, action etc., These above movies strongly imprint every ones mind heavily even after half decade despite of no big heroes like Stallone or Arnold. The tight story, screenplay, tech. values, photography etc., make these movies create spine chilling effect in every ones mind. I have seen many Japanese, Korean, European movies in US and UK are running in many general theatres compared to Bollywood movies in limited Indian specific theatres due to their technically better movies compared to Bollywood routine masala movies. So Telugu industry should emulate this success by not spending money on songs & sets, & heavy remuneration to star heroes & heroines instead of that they should spend money and time on innovative stories, screenplay, photography, Graphics (reasonable not high fundas), sound recording (Dolby digital & DTS recording), special cameras & cranes, lighting effects, filters etc... I am not telling only technical values give hit, but without soul (Story, screenplay) no movie will become hit. Indirectly it increases theatre viewership because they can't enjoy in VCP at home, so it reduces piracy indirectly increases revenue, and also improves good sound systems in Theatres.

So AP Gov. should give minimum one crore to 2 crore worth of prize money from the entertainment tax for award winning movies or technically brilliant movies to producer, so naturally producers try to make good movies to compete national level and overseas market other than routine commercial movies. It's like paying one crore rupees worth of prize money to Olympic gold winner. So Government also no need to worry about paying from their pocket, just they can pay from entertainment tax, And also either government or Producers association should send selected technical team to abroad to achieve (DFT's - Film technology type of courses to improve their technical and creative skills). If they follow above (every one known facts) few small suggestions most of the Telugu films viewership definitely increase in throughout in India. For example the special effects graphics Telugu movie "Devi" dubbed into many Indian languages, everyone knows how much producer spent, may be it's around 2.5 to 4 crores without any big star heroes, only hero is technical values especially normal story, good screen play, good Graphics, DTS recording, so this example shows every movie industry try to dub Telugu movies because due to their technical superiority instead of remaking again into their language, and also increases revenue in overseas market along with Bollywood movies by exporting to Asian countries, Africa, Latin, Middle east countries.

Otherwise even after 20 years Telugu industry position will be same after all the movie industries despite of high success ratio.


[email protected]

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