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Chitchat with Sumanth by Aditya Narravula
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August 18, 2006

I am Aditya Narravula ([email protected]). I am a 12 year NRI kid living in Chicago. I went to India this summer to spend time with my grandparents. Just before going to India, I happened to watch ‘Godavari’ movie in USA and I liked Sumanth for his natural acting. When I went to India I was surprised to know that my grandfather's friend's son (Lokesh Katragadda) was producing a movie with hero Sumanth (registered with the title as ‘Chinnodu’). I was very excited to meet this tall and handsome hero in Annapurna studios. I was even more excited to be involved in the daily shooting of the movie and be part of a small scene. When Sumanth agreed to chitchat with me I was so overwhelmed by his warm, kind and friendly gesture. When I was chatting with him, he made me feel comfortable. I did not feel that I was talking to a star. I found him humble, modest and very simple.

Sumanth has become a very versatile actor of the movie industry by picking different unique roles. His role in ‘Yuvakudu’ as a mischievous but yet serious person whose ambition is to join army, his role in 'Sathyam' as a honest and modest guy, the rough and tough but yet an emotional guy of ‘Gowri’, the ferocious character in ‘Mahanandi’, the sober, composed and mature ‘Sriram’ of ‘Godavari’ are some of the examples which show his versatility as an actor. He has come a long way from his first movie 'Prema katha’.

Here are some of the excerpts of the chitchat which I had with my favorite hero Sumanth for -

Aditya: I have seen your recent movie ‘Godavari’. I actually saw the movie two times, I have seen all your other movies like ‘Sathyam’, ‘Gowri’,’Yuvakudu’. My favorite movie is ‘Sathyam’. I liked the way you portrayed the character as a humble, modest and hard working guy. Are you going to give us movies like that?

Sumanth: I think this movie which I am doing now is a lot like ‘Sathyam’. At least the characterization is a lot like this .The story line is similar to that. The guy is very sacrificing and does a lot for the family. It is a little on that trend, Even though I am playing a ‘toughie’. It’s similar. There is a lot of action. There is a lot of action in ‘Sathyam’ too.

Aditya: I liked your role in ‘Yuvakudu’ as a mischievous person, at the same time as a serious person who wants to follow the footsteps of his father and join the army and serve the nation. Are you going to do similar roles like that?

Sumanth: If the story is good, yes definitely.

Aditya: Tell us about your favorite food, clothing brand, sport, hobbies, and music?

Sumanth: Ask me one at a time

Aditya: Tell us about your favorite food?

Sumanth: Authentic Chinese food.

Aditya: Tell us about your favorite clothing brand?

Sumanth: Nothing in particular, but ‘Diesel Jeans’.

Aditya: Favorite sport?

Sumanth: Basketball. But I don’t get to play much here?

Aditya: Favorite hobbies?

Sumanth: Watching TV, watching TV, watching TV and watching movies.

Aditya: Favorite music?

Sumanth: Music, Hmmmm….. I am still stuck way back. I am not very up to date with music. I keep listening to the same stuff which I used to listen to, way back in college. But not so way back, not so old. Pretty much like top 40 stuff. Whenever I have time, I go to CD store and pick up whatever is on the charts.

Aditya: Did you do take classes in drama, public speaking, dance?

Sumanth: No. I went to acting school. As far as drama, no particular classes. But for every song, if it is hard, I rehearse for two days.

Aditya: Where did you do your schooling? In Hyderabad?

Sumanth: Schooling in Hyderabad Public School .For 14 years I went to the same high school .Then in I went to Columbia College, Michigan.

Aditya: Which is your favorite movie in which you acted?

Sumanth: Favorite movie. God ...this is difficult. I don’t think I have one.

Aditya: So you like all of them?

Sumanth: No..Not all of them. I hate some of them. But since ‘Sathyam’ I am pretty ok with all of them. Godavari holds a special place because it is different from all of the other movies.

Aditya: I thought it was pretty unique.

Sumanth: Ya.

Aditya: What’s your favorite English movie?

Sumanth: Godfather.

Aditya: Are you planning to act in a movie like that?

Sumanth: No (Sumanth laughs)

Aditya: What did you like about your role in ‘Godavari’?

Sumanth: I didn’t have to work hard. It was pretty easy. I was just being natural. I just behaved natural. I played the real life hero. It was very simple. It came very easily for me.

Aditya: I thought it was very realistic. It was not like other movies where the hero keeps on fighting. I noticed that you pick unique roles. What did you like about the role which you are playing in this present movie?

Sumanth: I really like the story. Its got everything. Its one of those movies that’s got everything. It’s got a good family story, good love story, good action. It’s got something for every one. It’s an all round movie.

Aditya: How is it unique from other movies?

Sumanth: This one? (Referring to ‘Chinnodu’) It’s not going to be very different. It is not going to be like ‘Godavari’. It’s going to be a very commercial movie. I liked the climax of this movie. End of the movie is very unexpected.

Aditya: What’s your next movie?

Sumanth: We haven’t named it yet but I have accepted two movies. One is out and out wild guy. The other one is very soft, may be not so soft. It is a love story.

Aditya: Are you going to try other types of roles?

Sumanth: Ya. In the upcoming movies the roles are which I have not done before. The love story is similar to the movie done by my grandfather called 'Bharyabharthalu'. It’s along that line.

Aditya: Wish you success for ‘Chinnodu’.

Sumanth: Thanks

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