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Chitchat with Reema Sen
Reema Sen

Ocober 15, 2006

Reema Sen made her debut with the path breaking film ‘Chitram’. She did over 10 Telugu films, 8 Tamil films and 7 Hindi films. All her eight Tamil films are hits. Reema Sen is in Hyderabad today to promote Pogaru film. caught up with Reema Sen for chitchat. Here are the excerpts -

I am born and brought up in Kolkota. I have done my schooling in St. Thomas. My family is based in Mumbai now. I have younger sister who is 13 years old now. My father is a businessman.

Teja came to Mumbai when I was doing an ad film. He already finalized one girl, but was not very happy. Someone suggested my name. I was just signed up for a Tamil movie when Teja called me. When Teja gave me a 20 minutes narration of the script, I was very much impressed. He said that he was doing this film on a limited budget and he could not afford more than Rs. 11,000/- as my remuneration. I shown him the cheque given by a Tamil producer and told him that I would return the cheque if he signs me in Chitram. That is how I entered into Telugu films.

Tell us about your character in Pogaru?
Pogaru is my second film with Vishal after Prema Chadarangam. As far as my character in Pogaru concerned, it is very vivacious and bubbly character. That character is very close to the way I am. I can identify with that character. It is a soft character and a college student.

You had done women oriented films like Cheli and Prema Chadarangam. Why are you doing routine characters?
Most of the actresses might say that they want to do histrionics oriented roles. But I am not like that. The script should appeal to me. If the whole script is nice, then I would ask what my character is all about. It is not fair to compare heroine oriented films with hero oriented films.

You made your debut 5 years back with Chitram. Since then you have come a long way. What did you learn during this journey?
I have become lot more patient now. I was not a very patient person when I started off my career. I was very hyper earlier.

Are you migrated into Tamil film industry? Don’t you do any more Telugu films?
Most of the people think I don’t want to do Telugu films as I am busy in Tamil. It is a very wrong conception. I would love to do films in Telugu. It’s just that I did not have a straight Telugu hit after Manasantha Nuvve. But in Tamil, all eight films I have done are hits. I did not even have a single flop film in Tamil. Hence the choices were much better in Tamil. I would love to do Telugu films all over again provided opportunity arises.

What is your next project?
Simbu’s Vallavan.

You acted in 2 of Vishal’s 3 films so far. What are your observations about him?
I feel really happy for him. Vishal and Vikram Krishna are good friends of me. I feel happy when my friends make it big. He is now famous for his action sequences. Vishal is very focused and knows what he want. It is very difficult for tall people to have grace in dancing. But Vishal’s dancing oozes grace. Other than Vishal, it is Prabhas who has exceptional grace in dancing.

Sriya Reddy got lot of acclaim in Pogaru for her character compared to yours?
Negative characters always get more recognition. I was given the choice to pick one of the characters. And I preferred the role I played. I am happy that Sriya Reddy has done wonderful job and is getting lot of recognition. For example, I am doing a negative role in Vallavan though there are three heroines (Nayana Tara, me and Sandhya) in that film. For me what matters is the overall look of the film. I don’t mind if other actresses get name as long as the movie works.

What is your definition of glamour?
I have done around 25 films so far. I never wore a swimming suit. I have never done a kissing scene. People say that I am glamorous because my body language is like that. Every heroine has to look good. That’s the bottom line. Looks is a very big criteria for heroines. One can be a very good artist without good looks. But you can’t be a star without glamour. In Hindi films, actresses like Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi are great actors and they are not stars. If you look at Shilpa Shetty, she survived in Hindi film industry for 10 years by just looking good. In South it is difficult to survive. But in Hindi, you can survive with one hit. Urmila managed for so many years with only one solo hit Rangeela.

How do you define acting?
when ever i did a shot in a film, i made sure that it came from the bottom of my heart. But the fact is that I never had a formal training in dancing and I don’t like dancing.

Do you know any of Tamil or Telugu languages?
I am not very good with languages. I don’t have the penchant for learning languages. I am poor at Hindi too. Somebody should have passion to learn something. I don’t have the passion to learn languages.

There are rumors going around that you and Vishal are in love?
No. We are not in love. He is a very good friend of me.

You had problems with Simbu. Tell us about it?
Simbu is a genius and a child prodigy. I have no problems with him as a director. But he is born with a silver spoon and his style of functioning is different. He tries to come to the sets being an actor though he was also a director. Initially, Simbu used to come to sets as an actor. Simbu made his debut as director. Vallavan made him mature as a director. Simbu is a tough master and there are no instances where I took more then 3 takes in my career. But in Vallavan, I took 16 takes to do a shot. I genuinely respect him for that because for every shot he came to me and convinced me why it was not correct. The fight happened between us in the beginning of shooting. But today we have come to an understanding. My character in Vallavan is emotionally charged. When somebody comes to you and say something which they are not supposed to say, it just triggers you. That’s what happened between me and Simbu.

What is your dream character?
To do the role of a psychopath. It is coming true with Vallavan film. The character I am playing in Vallavan is a psychopath with split personality.



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