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Open letter to Shyam Prasad Reddy
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21st January 2004
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Open letter to Shyam Prasad Reddy

Dear Shyam Sir,

I wish u a very happy sankranti and thank You for a great GIFT. I'm a computer professional and an ardent movie lover. I had seen your recent Gift ANJI after struggling for a week for tickets. I have seen all your films from "Talambralu" to "Ammoru". ANJI has got a typical kind of impact and cannot be compared with other movies. Thank you for making such a good movie in Hollywood style. From the start, till the end, I observed very typical style of narration. Unusual scenes, unimaginable visuals, Chiru Performance and Graphics are Big Assets to this film. Through I came to know you are adding one song (Gumma Gulabi komma). As you r adding this u can edit few scenes Like

1) Re Edit the seen where Bhatia(Villain) dances after knowing Chiru got AtmaLingam. This scene appears as Over Action inspite of giving a feel that villain is feeling happy. U can Cut his Dialogue and dancing with Assistant before he gets into helicopter. Mass are unable to understand and they show ? on face which is not good. Since Villain is so rich and an English speaking guy Mass are not receiving his character.

2) Add Gumma Gulabi Komma song at the occasion of Siva Rathri (in first half)in the place of Om Shanti Om.

3) Place Om santi Om song in second half after Chiru - Namrata go into the old temple and jump into water.

4) Play the Shankar Mahadevan version of Chiku buku pori instead of Sri version. Sri sung very well compared to Shankar Mahadevan but his voice doesn't suit Chiru.

5) ANJI would have got more impact if U would show Lord Shiva (3D animated ) for more seconds. U might have shown him from various angles and various shots which is bit easy since 3D animated. At the end no one knows how Lord Shiva is killing villain. This is very interesting episode and could have been increased to at least few more seconds.

U have concentrated more on scenes involving graphics and would have taken care of other scenes also. Scenes involving graphics are to the extent of Breath taking and few other scenes like scenes before Abbo Nee Amma song are very pale.

One more thing to add except songs and after the first song is over i find chiru in similar color shirts(Green)upto climax. Its hard to see Chiru Sir like that.

ANJI has got a positive talk every where and Its upto you, how would u promote it a be a MEGA HIT. Scenes have got very little corrections and I'm sure this has stuff to break records of Tagore and Indra.

Shyam Sir I expect another film in your combination with Chiru. this time u please plan you project perfectly and the script shall be more interesting and please make an everlasting movie like ANJI. U have given life for artists like RajaSekhar, Jeevtha and Soundarya. U changed the image of Ramya Krishna and Chiru. U have god gifted taste in making movies, in a peculiar manner. Please maintain the same and next time u come with different subject like ANJI and let it have all aspects of entertainment. Please remember one more thing that few audience(Uneducated) are unable to understand the story of ANJI. Many are reporting this. Please make sure that your next venture doesn't get this type of talk.

Thanks to for giving me an opportunity to express my views to you.

Thanking you,
Kishore. K
[email protected]

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