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Open letter to Krishna Vamsi on Chakram
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12th April 2005
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Open letter to Krishna Vamsi on Chakram

It was a hot and sunny day, it was very sultry outside but I was a little excited inside, why not?? I had good reason to be so, I was going to watch krishnavamsi's latest release that day.
I walked into the theatre with full of expectations, promising myself a treat.
I came out of the theatre with more than a sigh of relief. You all can guess what happened to me inside...
When I came out of the theatre I hardly remembered a scene from movie. As the scenes came and went by, I just kept on shift+deleting them and was hoping for the ordeal to end soon.

That night was almost peaceful except for few nightmares...courtesy krishnavamsi.

I saw krishnavamsi a lot, the next few days, talking shop. He was desperately trying to defend his movie and the values he wanted to impart....Obviously, I didn't agree a lot with what he was saying, so I decided to give him a piece of my mind.

Dear Krishna Vamsi,

I am an ardent fan of ur films. U were different from the lot.…ur films used to haunt me for days........ Each of your earlier movies (not sri anjaneyam) left lasting impressions on my mind.

Sir what's happening with you these days? It was pain watching your previous effort itself, Sri Anjaneyam...then I thought, you deserved a benefit of doubt.

But this time why were you trying so desperately to defend this project even after failing in most of the aspects of film making? This raised a doubt in my mind about your capability to judge your future projects... Well I directed no movie....but I see no fault in expressing myself....

Sir here are a few points that pissed me off from your latest project....


One thing that stands out in all ur earlier films is ur terrific characterization. What happened to that magical touch??
koti character in Khadgam, tanikella bharani in samudram, jagapathi babu and prakash raj in anthahpuram chandra mohan and brahmaji in chandralekha, raviteja in sindooram are just a few to name.

Can u show me anything like that or even remotely resembling characterizations in Sri Anjaneyam and the so called Chakram??
I can't stop myself going into detail....

1) The worst characterization in the movie if you ask me is....Chakram, the problem solver!!!
The way our hero cures the colony people, the quick fixes are the worst part of the movie... I heard few giggles in theatre though..
Well……... every one with a sane mind will never be able to understand the rationale in the way the problems are solved. They looked so far from reality and I am so disappointed with all the whole episodes that I don't even feel like mentioning them and substantiate my stand.
Even the glossy "kal ho naa ho" has more meaningful problematic circumstances and solutions but our case is a total let down, and what the hell our hero is preaching to jeeva?? Sir, I don't get it, does anybody in the world change with just few words??

2) ah, lakshmi - I character, played by asin,
All she has done in the movie is getting impressed when chakram says that he want to build a super specialty hospital and then start hating him when he said he is in love with another girl and wants to keep her as a concubine, as if she has no brains.

Sir, pardon me if I ask, u showed her as a well educated person and knows chakram from childhood.
Then how in the hell she could possibly behave the way she did??
I wonder how couldn't she use her head to figure out what's behind his behaviour??
And on top of that, that awful song - sony, cellphone!! Oh god, is this really your idea or what??
(by the way, whose idea is that graffiti "stick no hearts" and "admit love", did you try to say something? well we didn't get it)

If we know somebody from childhood, we know them inside out, we know their behavior patterns and how credible a person they are, then how could she get carried away by the sudden changes in his behaviour. Her character just seemed to be programmed to respond to outside influence, and is in very bad taste. By foul playing, he hurt her badly twice.; once with his behavior and once with his death. It served no purpose other than what u thought as a great twist in the tale.

Don't u think it would have been more logical if Chakram explains her the fact, cancels the marriage and make his death as painless as possible. If he did the right course, it would have been more fitting to their characterizations u showed initially. It would have been more meaningful, had he stayed with them, made her in charge of the building of so called super specialty hospital and make his dreams come true.

3) What is this Lakshmi II character (played by Charmi)?
.What good it does if she stops studying her medicine and start working as a pizza delivery girl??
I agree there are no petty jobs, every job is meaningful and worth in its own right.
Is the money she earns is going to help maintain her family…well I am not sure.
Did she retire as the same pizza delivery girl???
Did she continue her medicine and assisted Lakshmi I in her ambitious project??
We are interested to know..

Well I had enough with these characterizations....

Sir, I felt all the phone call blood cancer episode was very phony (pardon my pun).
How long do you think it will take the tests to produce results?
How long do you think it will take for a doctor to call his close friend to inform his grave situation?
What's the foreign friend doing all the while between blood sampling and marriage day??
I am no doctor and I certainly don't know what the procedures are for confirming blood cancer, but my mind is not accepting all this shit. care to explain??

I saw so many FUNNY movies in the recent past But I care a damn to write anything about them. I wrote this because I believe you are far better than what you are delivering now.

In my opinion another scene that fell flat on its face is Brahmanandams comedy (??).
a very crucial scene, what u tried to convey in that scene is chakram and his dad accepted the inevitable and the legacy of chakram is passed on to his father - noble intentions, I say.

But sir, did u really think that so called comedy is good enough to convey ur intentions? you made so many people squirm helplessly in their seats.

I agree, by the comedy tracks we have seen so far, we are programmed to laugh at such scenes but u too resorting to such type of comedy(?) is unbearable to all of ur fans out here. u can do better than that.

Sir, would you be offended if we ask you about the fate of super specialty hospital?

I haven't completed yet, another one that's bothering me is ur shots. u became repetitive... .
I saw the akela crane sweeping shot first in chandralekha and I must say I was impressed, then I saw the same shots in murari and now in chakram, sir, what's our crime? Are we sentenced to akela crane sweeping shots punishment in every one of your movies.

These days I began to hate the poor akela crane itself.

Even though you tried to dig out some reason linking the first day's response to HOLI mood of the people,

Sir, the bottom line is, chakram completely failed to TRANSPORT the audience towards what they came for - to my understanding, entertainment, and if u don't agree with what I have said, sue me.

I know mine is the easiest job - criticizing,
and urs, the toughest - trying to entertain public at large,
but believe me, I did put in my best to make this not a waste of time, for both of us.

Ur taking is getting better and better, no complaints there. U can't mess it up, even if u try to.

What's really wrong with the film?

If u ask me, u did not work enough on the story...... and we wont agree with what u r saying on the telly. The intentions r good, but u failed to transform them in to movie format as was the case ins Sri Anjaneyam.

plzzzzz come up with something ori(vir)ginal next time.

Having said all this sir, u r still my fav director and I am waiting with the same anticipation for ur next film like a child who is about to go in to a candy store.
and we hope u realize the fact that we are only this demanding because it is u and not somebody else.

a little trivia for the reader, before we say adios,

Question: define the characteristics of family members in krishnavamsi's films?
Answer: they r very affectionate, especially the father and mother hug and kiss hero/hrn as the case may be,

they r always positive,
they pamper hero/hrn
and they have undying trust in protagonists.

sir, its good to have such parents/relatives in real life but all ur fans out here r getting bored having to see the same characterizations time and again.

guess what?? when the santa visits me this christmas, I am gonna ask him a new set of family characters for ur films

Lazy Dog
[email protected]

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