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My Movie - Ye Maya Chesave
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1 March 2010

My Movie – Ye Maya Chesave
ye maya chesave

I was lucky enough to watch "Ye Maya Chesave" in Big Cinemas, Edison, NJ today. After I got back to my room I logged on to to check the gallery and wallpapers of this movie to catch another glimpse of photography that I have seen in the movie. I was blown away by the cinematography of this beautiful flick. This movie experience brought an aura of romance like a cool breeze air on a summer evening. So simple yet so magical.

The tenderness in the scene where Karthik Kisses Jessie in train (that brief breath taking romance imaged on the screen), the rawness in the scene where Karthik signals Jessie by flapping gate interlock, the beauteousness in the scenes where Krishnudu and Karthik's search for Jessie in Kerala are shot are very few instances to credit the artistry and narrative brilliance of Gowtam Menon's direction. Watching this movie is as good as reading any love story novel. The director takes us into the journey of love. The rudimentary feelings and reactions of Karthik and Jessie are turned into life size paintings on the canvas of a 70mm screen. Now imagine ARR adding his melodious tunes to their colorful love. Can't ask for anything more beautifu in cinema, right?

A simple story like this demands careful handling of the lead characterizations and I felt it was done flawlessly. Their personations were depicted as subtle as in real life. Take a bow - Gowtam Menon. Marvellous work. All praise to him and his skillful team. Special accolades to Cinematography and Dialogue department. Telugu movie library has got another classic now. Its not a regular pre interval, post interval drama that we see usually. A pleasant watch right from the begin to end with less or no glitches (few scenes in second half were not so well twined into the script).

"vinna.. vevela veenala santhoshala sankeerthanalu
na gundello ippude vintunna
tholisari nee matallo pulakintha"

Whoever might have written those splendid lyrics need special appreciation. All the songs in movie bring more depth and more sensibility to the story narration. Hosanna with english rap, Vintunnava with lovely female voice, Aaromale with guitar string sounds are my favorites. Nonetheless every song is of top quality. You know the genius behind this work right? ARR :)

My special appreciation for Nag Chaitanya and Samantha for performing the characters of Karthik and Jessie to perfection. They have brought originality and freshness to this movie and made it look more authentic.

There are not too many movies which you go to watch with your own set of expectations but come out with a fresh breath of air longing to see it once again. Go watch this movie. If you were ever in love, I am pretty sure that it will fill your heart with all that warmth once again. Happy watching folks! Thanks to Jeevi for letting me to share this.

Praveen Veeramaneni
praveenottama at gmail dot com

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