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My Movie - Ye Maya Chesave
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9 March 2010

My Movie – Ye Maya Chesave
ye maya chesave

To begin with, this movie was made with a great diction in art, music, photography, direction, presentation, screen play, acting, performance, etc etc and the list just goes on and on and on. Gautam Menon should be appreciated for coming up with such a novel script. The story, though predictable and having seen so many love stories in the past on silver screen, was given a complete new treatment - "Old wine in NEW Bottle".....

Gautam Menon's treatment on romance of his lead characters has always been good. His past movies like Minnale(Cheli), Khaka Khaka(Gharshana), Surya, S/O Krishnan etc, the romance and love angle was just awesome. He just built the plot between 2 characters belonging to 2 different cultural and regional backgrounds. Writing a screenplay for such stories is very difficult and with no supporting actors to carry the film, he built the entire plot revolving around just 2 characters frame to frame till the very end is just terrific. This movie is another feather in his kitty to show as an example for his astonishing narrative skills. His ability to bring in the best for camera work and musicals to make the visuals is just amazing.

Camera Work by Manoj is spectacular and only the visuals on the screen just explains all. He showed already beautiful Samantha much more appealing and that added only fire to terrific locations. This work when supported by a fantastic music, both in songs and background, will only make more and more soothing and AR Rahman should be commended to have taken up this project. "Kundanapu Bomma" and "Aakasam" are the best numbers. "Vintunnava" was more appeasing when watched on screen. Timely background score and Re-Recording work was great. What ever said will still be less for AR Rahman. Dialogs by Anuradha are simple and made it look like it was a couple next door conversing their love and romance. Art Direction and location of plot in Hyderabad and Kerala are just amazing. Very simple and thought provoking. Production values are amazing and Indira Productions can only be lucky to have worked with a classy director like Goutam Menon who can bring best technicians on board along with him.

Finally the lead actors: Naga Chaitanya and Samantha have done very good job giving their best....only in his second movie and her first movie in Telugu. They have literally carried the movie on their shoulders supported by Gautam's terrific screenplay and direction.

Though the movie was slow paced and went weak during the second half (of course only for a while), it can all be forgotten at the end for watching a feel good romantic movie after a very very long time in Telugu Cinema.

I went to this movie after listening to the Rahman's fantastic music and awesome wallpapers with couple of trailers. This movie reached my expectations, may be beyond, for all the visual and novel treat.

Fantastic Movie....go watch it.

Ashok V Alluri
ashok dot varma dot alluri at gmail dot com

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