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My Movie - Vedam
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21 June 2010

My Movie – Vedam

A new trend in the conventional stream of Telugu movies. A new dimension added to the very orthodox film making style in tollywood. A new ray of hope has started to lighten up in the minds of the audience who have made up their minds with what a telugu movie can give to them. The reason for all these is one movie "Vedam". An honest and sincere attempt by the director "Krish".

This movie has five stories amalgamated into one story. Five stories of five characters, where every character is a protagonist in its own way. The five characters in this movie represents the five elements of the nature.

Vivek (Manoj Manchu) - The Rock star. Aiming for "The sky". He wants to meet the highest standards but in his own way, not in the tradition followed by his family.

Saroja (Anushka) - The Prostitute. "The fire" within. She has the fire, can attract anyone and wants to lead her own life in her own way, not under the remote control of anyone.

Ramulu (Nagayya) - The poor man. He has the patience of "The earth". Still and calm. He wants to give his grandkid the education which he and his family was deprived off. In that process he bears all the "pains" with patience.

Raheem Khureshi (Manoj Bajpai) - The non terrorist Muslim branded as terrorist. As calm and as serene as "The water". But when situation arises he can erupt as a flood or even a tsunami.

Cable Raju (Allu Arjun) - The floater. His attitude is as flexible and as inconsistent as "The air". He wants to become rich in a easy way but cannot shed off his real attitude when the clock strikes.

The life style of all these five characters, how they deal with the situations they face, how they want to overcome their difficulties was dealt in a near perfect way in Vedam. Kudos to the director for handling them very well.

The performances were equally good by all the artistes. Allu Arjun, Manoj Manchu, Manoj Bajpai, Anushka and the old man Ramulu have to be commended for their impeccable performances. The best scene in the movie was the smile on Allu Arjun's face when he comes back after returning the money to the old man. It shows how happy can a person be when he realises what his heart wants and he does that.

The only glitches in the movie being the handling of the screenplay in some parts of the movie. This type of movie needs a perfect screenplay to bring all the characters in one line at a point of time in the story. Here, in Vedam it somehow appears that the characters Saroja and Vivek have been forced to join with the rest of the crew. But keeping in view of the time line of the movie this can be overlooked.

Nevertheless, an honest and sincere attempt which needs to be appreciated.

deepak kumar thimmaraju
deepakkumart at gmail dot com

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